LN2 Storage Tanks

 Ln2 Storage Tanks

consists of two tanks, Outer & Inner Tank. The inner tank is made of stainless steel 304L (X5 CrNi 18-10) & design code EN13458, While the outer one is made of CARBON STEEL & design code EN13458.
Cryogenic liquid storage tanks for liquid oxygen (LOX), liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid argon (LAR) and liquid carbon dioxide (CO2)

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tanks

Vacuum super-insulated tank for transport and storage of liquid nitrogen.

LN2 storage tanks, also known as liquid nitrogen storage tanks, are specialized containers used for storing and preserving liquid nitrogen (LN2).
Liquid nitrogen is an extremely cold cryogenic liquid with a boiling point of -196 degrees Celsius (-321 degrees Fahrenheit).
LN2 storage tanks are designed to maintain liquid nitrogen’s low temperature, allowing it to be stored in a liquid state for extended periods.
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Liquid Nitrogen Ln2 Storage Tanks

What is a Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank?

Liquid nitrogen storage tanks are vessels designed to store liquid nitrogen at extremely low temperatures. They are often used for cryogenic storage of biological, genomic, and diagnostic samples in cryogenic tubes and boxes.
Size and type can vary according to the quantity and purpose of liquid nitrogen. Some common forms include dewar, liquid nitrogen cylinders, and cryogenic storage tanks.


Insulation: LN2 storage tanks are equipped with insulation to minimize heat transfer and maintain low temperatures.
Double-Walled Construction: Tanks are typically designed with a double-walled structure for added strength and insulation.
Pressure Relief System: Tanks incorporate a pressure relief system to prevent excessive pressure buildup.
Liquid Level Monitoring: Many tanks have a liquid level monitoring system for accurate measurement of LN2 levels.
Secure Sealing: Tanks are designed with secure seals to prevent leakage and maintain the integrity of the stored LN2.
Different Sizes and Capacities: LN2 storage tanks are available in various sizes and capacities to suit different needs.
Safety Features: Tanks are equipped with safety features like pressure relief valves and temperature monitoring systems.
Liquid Nitrogen Ln2 Storage Tanks

Bulk Tanks for LN2 Service

Chemical Market
Chemical companies utilize nitrogen as a pressurized gas, which aids the propulsion of liquids through pipelines. It can also be highly effective in protecting oxygen-sensitive materials from the air.

Cryogenic Storage
Nitrogen gas can keep samples at the correct temperature. Cryogenic refrigerators and freezers aid the transport of blood, DNA, RNA, and other biological samples.

Nitrogen is a blanketing agent that separates sensitive products and processes and protects them from the air. It can also be utilized as a purging agent to prevent contamination of piping and equipment.

Like cryogenic storage and food and beverage, nitrogen is used to freeze and preserve pertinent objects; for healthcare, blood, tissue, and other specimens must be kept in good condition.

Metal Production
Nitrogen prevents oxidation and is a critical factor in the heat-treating process.

Welding And Metal Fabrication
Welders and metal fabricators can use nitrogen for laser cutting and plasma cutting.

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tanks ,Ln2 Storage Tanks

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tanks, Ln2 Storage Tanks

LN2_LAR vertical cryogenic tank

LN2_LAR vertical cryogenic tank
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Trailers, semi-trailers, swap bodies, liquid tube trailers, and railcars for safe and efficient liquid nitrogen distribution.