LO2/ LN2/ LAr cryogenic tanks

Cryogenic Tank Vessel

Horizontal Cryogenic Tank
ASME Stainless Steel Vertical LNG Storage Tank
5m3 liquid LNG tank load in one 20GP ;
10m3 cryogenic LNG tank price load in one 40HQ
20m3 capacity vacuum LNG tank load in one 40FR;
30m3 cryogenic lng tank load in one 40FR;
50m3 cryogenic vessel load in one 40FR;
cryogenic LNG /liquid oxygen/ nitrogen/argon tank

 Cryogenic tank for LO2,LN2,LAr

A cryogenic tank is a specialized container designed to store liquids at very low temperatures, usually liquefied gasses at -150°C or lower.
The standard liquid gases stored include nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium, and hydrogen.

DSW has supplied over 200 cryogenic tanks since 2004 to meet customer demands in science, industry and medicine applications.
DSW also provides standard designs and tailored individual solutions specifically to customer requirements for the optimal operation of each cryogenic tank.

Liquefied gases are used in various applications, including metal processing, medical technology, electronics, water treatment, energy generation and the food industry.
Today, more customers than ever receive liquid from industrial gas delivery at cryogenic temperatures to their location for storage on-site for future usage.

LAr cryogenic tank

A LAR cryogenic tank is a vertical or horizontal double-layer vacuum-insulated storage tank designed to store liquid argon or other media at extremely low temperatures.

LN2 Cryogenic Tank

A liquid nitrogen tank is a cryogenic storage container that can be used for preserving and storing semen for an extended period.
Liquid nitrogen is a cryogenic liquid. Cryogenic Liquids are liquefied and have a boiling point lower than -130degF. Liquid nitrogen boils at -320degF. Even in winter, the temperature differential between the product and the environment is considerable.

LO2 cryogenic tank

horizontal LO2 LN2 LAr cryogenic tank


Different gauges and valves are required to monitor and stabilize the cryogenic vessel, and these gauges have a precise measuring capability. Otherwise, the smallest change in the pressure variations can lead to trouble. Hence different parameters of the vessel are continuously monitored. The different gauges and valves which are used in the cryogenic vessel are the evaporator, liquid container gauge, vacuum bursting disk, vent valve, pressure building valve, pressure building coil, pressure relief valve, Pressure gauge, inner container bursting disk, liquid fill and withdrawal valve, economic regulator, vent valve..e.t.c
horizontal LO2 LN2 LAr cryogenic tank
horizontal LO2 LN2 LAr cryogenic tank
Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank, LOX storage tank
Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank, LOX storage tank
Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank, LOX storage tank
Horizontal Welded Insulated Cryogenic Cylinder
Having many years of experience in mechanical manufacture.
They are being equipped with advanced processing equipment.
Possessing excellent senior technicians with professional training.

DSW storage tanks are designed, manufactured, and tested as per ASTM standards,
ISO, safety technology supervision regulations of pressure vessels, and some other reference
Chinese standard.

Quality Warranty

DSW offers a one-year warranty on their products, starting from the date of shipment.
During this warranty period, if any product defects are found and proven to be DSW’s responsibility, we will provide replacement spare parts at their expense upon request.
In fact, we rarely receive any requests for spare parts.
If the tanks are correctly maintained, they shall last 15 to 20 years.