Industrial Ambient air vaporizers For Filling Station

Ambient Air Vaporizers

Evaporator Industrial Ambient Vaporizer For Filling Station
Air temperature vaporizer is a special equipment for vaporizing cryogenic liquid under high (normal) ambient temperature.
Ambient vaporizer are used for heating and vaporize liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquefied natural gas, liquid carbon dioxide, liquefied petroleum gas, and other cryogenic mediums.

Ambient air vaporizers

Ambient Vaporizers use ambient air heat to vaporize liquid gas. DSW has a wide range of cryogenic vapourizers to suit various applications.
These air vaporizers are sized according to your flow requirements to prevent low-temperature gases from entering the product pipeline.
Ambient air vaporizers are available with innovative technology, reliable construction, and custom solutions.

Technical Data Of Ambient Air Vaporizer


Item Number Working Medium       Design             Pressure              ( Mpa) Working Pressure     (Mpa) Design Temperature Heat Exchange Area 
AV50/3.0 Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Argon, Liquid Nitrogen 3.3 3.0 -196 to 50 degree 12.5m2


Industrial Ambient air vaporizers For Filling Station
Industrial Ambient air vaporizers For Filling Station
DSW™ ambient air vaporizers have become the industry standard, and Supergap vaporizers use natural air convection to vaporize liquefied gases.

Ambient Air Vaporizers ,High pressure vaporizers

Cryogenic  Vaporizers

The liquid must be transformed into gas to use gases from a bulk cryogenic vessel. Cryogenic liquids are converted to a gaseous state utilizing a vaporizer, such as the one illustrated.
While steam and electric vaporizers are occasionally used, the most widely employed vaporizers obtain heat from the surrounding air.
The most common type of vaporizer is the ambient finned tube vaporizer.
The fins absorb the warm ambient air and transfer the heat to the cryogenic liquid flowing in the tube. The heat transfer converts the liquid into a gas.
Industrial Ambient air vaporizers For Filling Station
DSW’s Ambient Vaporizers are made of aluminium cooling fins for heat exchange and can be connected to increase vaporizing capacity.
For more flexibility, VAP units can be interconnected with standard (universal) inputs & outputs (flanges). Continuous flow is guaranteed 24 hours a day using several units geared with a manual or automatic switching system (valves).

High Performance
With its cooling fins patented system, DSW offers a maximum Heat exchange surface.

DSW designs & engineers the overall flow capacity (between 70m³/h to 1500Nm³/h at 20°C). Vaporization in simple or dual phase (liquid + gas)