CGA 540 oxygen cylinder valve

CGA 540 oxygen cylinder valve

cga 540  Flapper-type valves for oxygen gas cylinder
cga 540 valves  for gas cylinder Pressure Reducing
QF-8 shaft coupling type brass oxygen gas cylinder valve
QF-6 flapper-type gas shutoff valve high pressure cylinder valve

CGA 540 Oxygen Cylinder Valve

These valves reduce the high-pressure inlet from compressed gas tanks into a stable, lower outlet pressure. The Compressed Gas Association numbers the inlet fittings for secure connections with compressed gas tanks. Select a valve with the same CGA as your oxygen gas cylinder or other system components. The valves have gauges to monitor the outlet pressure as well as gauges to monitor the inlet pressure.

CGA 540 Valves in medical oxygen therapy

The CGA 540 valve is crucial to the delivery of medical oxygen therapy.
It allows medical professionals to regulate the flow of oxygen from the cylinder to the patient, ensuring that the patient receives the necessary amount of oxygen to maintain their health. Select a valve with a maximum pressure outlet approximately equal to twice the normal operating pressure of your application. The working pressure of the valve should not exceed 75%.
The outlet pressure will fluctuate as you empty your gas bottle. Single-stage valves work by reducing stress in just one step. These valves are best suited for applications that don’t require constant pressure at the outlet.
Two-stage valves reduce pressure in two stages for a constant outlet pressure. These valves are often used for applications requiring constant pressure regardless of tank level.

Understanding the parts of the CGA 540 valve

The CGA 540 valve comprises several parts that work together to regulate the flow of oxygen gas from the cylinder to the patient. The valve itself consists of a body, a handwheel, a stem, a yoke, a diaphragm, and a seat. The valve’s body is typically made of brass or stainless steel and houses the other parts of the valve. The handwheel opens and closes the valve, allowing oxygen to flow or stopping the flow. The stem is connected to the handwheel and runs through the center of the valve body.
The yoke is attached to the top of the valve body and is used to secure the valve to the cylinder. The diaphragm is a thin, flexible disk between the valve stem and the seat, controlling the oxygen gas flow. The center is a metal or plastic ring that the diaphragm seals against to prevent oxygen from leaking out of the cylinder.
Understanding the different parts of the CGA 540 valve is essential for proper operation and maintenance. Each piece is critical in ensuring that oxygen is delivered safely and effectively to the patient. Inspecting the valve regularly and replacing any parts that show signs of wear or damage is essential. Proper valve maintenance can prevent leaks and other problems compromising patient safety.

CGA 540 oxygen cylinder valve, CGA 540 Valves

CGA 540 oxygen cylinder valve, CGA 540 Valves

CONSTRUCTION of CGA540 Valve, Flapper-type valves

Medical Oxygen Valve CGA540, Brass Valve CGA540 for Oxygen Cylinders. Brief Specifications: 1 – Material: Brass 2 – G.W.: 650g 3 – D.N.; 4mm, 4 – working Pressure: 15.6 Mpa 5 – With safety device: 21 ± 1.5 Mpa 6 – Inlet Thread 3/4 – 14 NTG

Heavy-duty forged brass body for durability and high pressure
Precisely machined internal components meet the most stringent international valve performance standards
Metal-to-metal seal below bonnet threads prevents pressure in the threads at top of the valve body

CGA540 outlet
3/4″ NGT inlet
Pressure relief device
O-Ring technology provides superior leak integrity
Easy operation under high pressure
100% leak test to 1.2 times cylinder service pressure
All markings are located on the valve neck to protect them from damage
Large Orifice Ø: provides faster vacuum and filling rates
Available bursting discs for all DOT cylinders
Durable forged brass body manufactured by Cavagna Group
Passes stringent oxygen adiabatic compression test
Unique seat holder design

oxygen cylinder valve, oxygen cylinder valve

CGA 540 oxygen cylinder valve, oxygen cylinder valve
oxygen cylinder valve
oxygen cylinder valve
oxygen cylinder valve
oxygen cylinder valve
oxygen cylinder valve
We are specialized in manufacturing Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, CO2, Helium, Hydrogen, and all kinds of high-pressure oxygen cylinder valves, including CGA 540 Valves.
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BV/TUV/SGS/LR/DNV/CIQ third-party test report
Flexible MOQ and Fast delivery
Reasonable and competitive price
All raw materials are thoroughly tested for their chemical composition before being used.
Simple construction and interchangeability of components make maintenance and repairs easy and fast.
All valve bodies are of forged construction duly Heat treated/ stress relieved.
The valve bodies have High strength, Superior wear resistance, and High impact values.

Frequently asked questions about the CGA 540 valve
Q: What is the CGA 540 valve used for?
A: The valve regulates oxygen flow from a cylinder to a patient in medical oxygen therapy.
Q: Is the CGA 540 valve compatible with all oxygen cylinders?
A: The valve is designed to fit only specific oxygen cylinders with a compatible thread.
Q: How do I know if my CGA 540 valve works appropriately?
A: You can test the valve by attaching it to an oxygen cylinder and opening it. The flow rate should be steady, and the valve should not leak.
Q: How often should I inspect and clean my CGA 540 valve?
A: The valve should be inspected and cleaned regularly, at least once monthly, to ensure proper operation and prevent problems.