medical gas cylinders

Medical Gas Cylinders With Cga540 Valve

MEDICAL 10M3 Oxygen Cylinder For South America Market.
40l, 47l, 50l, 68l high-pressure seamless gas bottle for medical.
An oxygen Cylinder is a particular high-pressure vessel for storing and transporting oxygen. It is by the band bottles, bottle, cylinder valves, and cap four parts.

47L ISO 9809-3 medical gas cylinders

A medical gas cylinder is a mobile and high pressure container that is used to store and transport compressed oxygen gas for medical purposes in healthcare settings.
DSW’s Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder is an easily portable high-pressure vessel with cutting-edge technologies and machinery.
Our Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder is ideal for holding compressed and highly pressured liquefied gasses like oxygen, hydrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide.
The critical component is high-grade alloy steel, which ensures they can withstand the compressed environment.
They’re also widely used in industries like chemical processing, mechanical engineering, and medical research.

Medical Cylinders Specification

Water Capacity 50L
Cylinder Weight 51kg
Outside Diameter 232mm
Service Pressure (Bar) 200bar
Test Pressure(Bar) 300bar
Certification TPED/ISO9809
Head Protection Tulip Cap, Common Cap
After-Sales Service Provided Overseas Third-Party Support Available
Brand Name DSW

Portable oxygen tank size chart

medical gas cylinders
oxygen gas cylinder for medical
Medical gas cylinders were traditionally constructed of low-carbon steel.
Now they are built of lightweight chrome molybdenum steel, aluminium or a composite (such as aluminum wrapped in carbon fiber).
Special cylinders made from aluminium are helpful in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) rooms. The typical wall thickness of steel cylinders is 3 mm, and that of an aluminum alloy cylinder is 6 mm. Composite cylinders are manufactured from lightweight steel or aluminum liners and encased within a high-density polyethene jacket or wrapped in carbon fiber, Kevlar, Twaron, or glass fiber. These cylinders are ultra-light in weight, extremely durable and can be filled with high pressure of up to 4000 kPa. They can hold 30% more gas than an aluminum cylinder of comparable size and 70% lighter weight than a steel cylinder. Composite cylinders are used by firefighters, paramedics, and emergency first responders.
oxygen gas cylinder for medical
47L ISO 9809-3 medical gas cylinders supplier
47L ISO 9809-3 medical gas cylinders supplier
ISO 9809-3 medical gas cylinders
ISO 9809-3 medical gas cylinders
ISO 9809-3 medical gas cylinders


Medical gas tanks are used to hold permanent gas or high-pressure liquefied gas, and are ideal for gas supply in hospitals, first aid stations, nursing homes, home care, battlefield rescue, personal health care, and various environmental supplementary gas devices.
Medical gas cylinders are commonly used in physician and dental offices, ambulatory surgery centres, acute care hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.
These cylinders are used in hospitals for Anesthesia machines, Laparoscopy machines, stretchers, Operation theatres, Emergency wards, and Incubators.

Additional information



Brand Name:

JP brand

Machinery Test Report:


Warranty of core components:

Not Available





Inner Material:


Design Pressure(MPa):


Design Standard:



3 months

Key Selling Points:

High Productivity

After Warranty Servi

Online support

Showroom Location:


Working Pressure:


Outside Diameter:


Place of Origin:

Zhejiang, China

Video outgoing-inspection:


Marketing Type:

Pressure vessel



Volume (m³):


Outer Material:


Max Working Pressure(MPa):

20 MPa

Working Temperature(℃):

-20 – 60 ℃

After-sales Service Provided:

Video technical support

Applicable Industries:

Hotels, Manufacturing Plant, Restaurant, Home Use, Food Shop,

Local Service Location:


Water Capacity:

50L oxygen Cylinder

Test Pressure:

300bar Oxygen Gas Cylinder