QF2A cylinder valve

QF2A cylinder valve

The QF2A cylinder valve is a specific type of valve used to control the flow of gases from compressed gas cylinders.
It is commonly employed in industrial, medical, and speciality gas applications.
DSW is professional in manufacturing Oxygen Gas cylinder valve QF2A ,QF-2A from China.
Qf-2A Industrial Gas Valve in  China Cylinder

Cylinder valves

The QF2A valve is typically a compact, cylinder-mounted valve that connects directly to the gas cylinder’s outlet.
It is designed to provide a secure and reliable connection between the cylinder and the gas distribution system.
DSW is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial valves and cylinder valves in China, with more than 20 years of experience in OEM and ODM services.

QF2A oxygen gas cylinder valve,Qf2a cylinder valve

QF2A oxygen gas cylinder valve,Qf2a cylinder valve


Gas Compatibility
The QF2A valve is designed to handle a wide range of gases, including industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide, as well as medical gases like oxygen, air, and nitrous oxide.
The valve is manufactured with materials compatible with the specific gas being used, ensuring safety and reliability.

The new design ensures long life, low torque, and easy opening and closing operation throughout the valve’s life.
Residual Pressure Valves have been cycle tested to conform to DSW´s stringent standards, exceeding ISO 10297 and ISO 15996 to provide a class-leading 15-year maintenance-free Service Life.

Valve body design has been optimized for easier valve insertion
Laser-marked Batch and Part Numbers on the valve body for easy identification and traceability all provide Operational Ease of Use for DSW´s customers

DSW valves are tested for global market conditions, from the Artic cold at -40°C to +65°C for Equatorial regions
The addition of a unique protective O ring on the opening mechanism protects the valve against the elements and increases its environmental resistance
A full array of regional connections is available
Working Pressures up to 300 bar

Standards Compliance
The QF2A valve is manufactured in adherence to industry standards and regulations to ensure quality, safety, and compatibility.

QF2A oxygen gas cylinder valve,Qf2a cylinder valve
QF2A oxygen gas cylinder valve,Qf2a cylinder valve

QF2A oxygen gas cylinder valve,Qf2 cylinder valve