8L portable oxygen tanks

8L Oxygen Gas Cylinders

A portable oxygen bottle, also known as a portable oxygen tank or cylinder, is a container designed to store and transport oxygen for individuals who require supplemental oxygen therapy.
These are lightweight and compact, typically holding between 20 to 40 cubic feet of oxygen.
They are convenient for short-term use and portability.
Safety Standards:DOT/CE/TPED/ISO/BV/SGS
8L/10L/40L/47L/50L/68L portable oxygen tanks used for medical Industry export to South Africa, Asia,South America, Europe.

Portable Oxygen Tank

DSW offers 2L to 80L excellent-performance portable oxygen tanks for industrial and medical applications.
DSW oxygen cylinders are designed, manufactured and inspected according to international standards.
They are made from high-strength steel material and have features of uniform height, clear engraving, long durability etc.
portable oxygen tank,8L oxygen gas cylinders

What is A Portable Oxygen Tank?

A portable oxygen tank is a small, lightweight container designed to store and supply oxygen for personal use.
These tanks are typically made from aluminum or steel and are used by individuals who require supplemental oxygen due to medical conditions.
portable oxygen tank, 8L oxygen gas cylinders

Features of portable oxygen tanks:

Capacity: They come in various sizes, with different oxygen capacities to meet individual needs.
Portability: Designed to be carried around easily, often with a carrying case or shoulder strap.
Regulators: Equipped with regulators to control the flow rate of oxygen to the user.
Safety: Built with safety features such as pressure relief valves to prevent over-pressurization

oxygen gas cylinders

portable oxygen tank, 8liters oxygen gas cylinders

8liters oxygen gas cylinders

8liters oxygen gas cylinders

8liters oxygen gas cylinders

8L oxygen gas cylinders

8L oxygen gas cylinders
DSW offers oxygen in high-pressure gas cylinders and liquid dewars — in a full range of sizes to meet any low-volume needs.

2L-80L Portable Oxygen Bottles

Nominal water capacity(L) 8L
Nominal Diameter(mm) 152mm
Nominal working pressure(bar) 150bar
Test pressure(bar) 250bar
Wall thickness(mm) 4.0mm
Color Customer’s request
Valve Customer’s request
Weight 11.6kg(without valve or cap)