Industry Nitrogen Gas

Industry Nitrogen Gas

Industry Nitrogen Gas is typically available in high-purity forms, with purity levels reaching 99.9% or higher.
This high level of purity ensures minimal impurities and contaminants, making it suitable for sensitive industrial processes where purity is crucial.
We offer industry nitrogen gas in various purities and supply modes to meet diverse customer needs and ensure optimal performance in their applications.

Industrial Nitrogen Gas

Industry Nitrogen Gas, also known as industrial nitrogen gas, refers to nitrogen gas specifically used in industrial applications across various sectors.
It is a high-purity form of nitrogen gas that is produced and supplied by DSW for industrial processes, such as manufacturing, chemical production, metalworking, electronics, food and beverage production, and many others.

– Industrial Grade Nitrogen:
– Available in different cylinder sizes, including 40, 180, 200, 230, 240, and 265 liters.
– Commonly used for industrial purposes.
– CGA connections include CGA 580, CGA 677, CGA 680, and CGA 718.
– Example: Size 40 High Pressure Steel Cylinder (Industrial use Only), CGA 580.


Industry Nitrogen Gas has various applications across different industries, including:

Inerting and blanketing: Nitrogen gas is used to create an inert atmosphere in industrial processes. It displaces oxygen to prevent combustion, oxidation, and degradation of materials, protecting them from fire hazards and preserving their quality.

Purging and flushing: Nitrogen gas is employed for purging or flushing out air or unwanted gases from pipelines, tanks, and equipment. This helps to ensure clean and safe conditions, remove contaminants, and prepare systems for maintenance or product changeovers.

Cooling and cryogenic processes: Nitrogen gas is utilized for cooling purposes in industrial applications. It can be used in cryogenic processes to achieve extremely low temperatures, enabling precise control and preservation of materials, as well as facilitating cryogenic grinding and freezing.

Pressurizing and leak testing: Nitrogen gas can be used to pressurize systems, test for leaks, and check the integrity of pipelines, tanks, and other equipment. It helps identify potential leaks or weaknesses in the system, ensuring safety and reliability.

Chemical manufacturing: Nitrogen gas plays a vital role in the chemical industry. It is used as a reactant or carrier gas in chemical reactions, as well as for purging and maintaining an inert atmosphere during sensitive chemical processes.

Electronics manufacturing: Nitrogen gas is employed in the electronics industry for various applications, including soldering, wave soldering, and reflow soldering. It helps prevent oxidation, ensuring clean and reliable solder joints.

Food and beverage industry: Nitrogen gas finds applications in the food and beverage industry for packaging, preservation, and carbonation. It is used to displace oxygen, extend product shelf life, maintain freshness, and create a desired effervescence in carbonated beverages.

Metalworking and heat treatment: Nitrogen gas is utilized in metalworking processes such as heat treatment, annealing, and hardening. It helps prevent oxidation, control atmosphere conditions, and enhance the mechanical properties of metals.

Methods of supply

Cylinders & Liquid Dewars
We supply nitrogen in compress nitrogen cylinders and liquid nitrogen dewars in various sizes, catering to low-volume requirements.

Bulk Nitrogen
We provide the option of MicroBulk for customers who require a nitrogen supply beyond cylinders and dewars but have space limitations preventing bulk storage.
DSW MicroBulk is a safe, clean, and efficient solution designed to cater to higher-volume users’ needs.