Cryogenic centrifugal pump

Cryogenic centrifugal pump

Cryogenic centrifugal pumps serve the primary function of transporting cryogenic gases like LNG, LOX, or LN2 from semitrailers to cryo tanks.
Industrial gas and LNG facilities require safe and reliable cryogenic pumps.
Ergonomic design and reduced weight for confined spaces.
Low-maintenance due to cartridge technology.
In summary, cryogenic pumps are essential for the safe and efficient handling of cryogenic liquids in various industrial processes.


Cryogenic centrifugal pump

The cryogenic centrifugal pump is the essential equipment for the liquid transportation of tanker and storage tanks, air separation, and tanker unloading and unloading.
DSW provides state-of-the-art encapsulated centrifugal pumps that meet customers’ needs with high quality and competitive prices.

We develop and produce high-quality Cryogenic centrifugal pumps, offering unique LNG and industrial gas facilities solutions.
The LNG pump transfers LNG from storage tanks or LNG carriers to other storage facilities or to the regasification process for converting LNG back into its gaseous form.
With more than 20 years of experience, we design and manufacture LNG centrifugal pumps at our facility in China.
Our cryogenic pump solutions are a safe option thanks to their reliability and high quality.

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1. All electrical components have an anti-explosion configuration.
2. The pump head has a vacuum jacket that minimizes cold loss.
3. Piston seals are made of unique material with a life expectancy of 4000 h.
4. With pressure pulsation on the outlet, the load is stable.
5. The transmission box is equipped with a stable and self-lubricating operation.
6. Cryogenic centrifugal pumps are capable of pumping large amounts of liquefied industrial gases.
The unit is equipped with a temperature monitor for the transmission case and an interlocking control system to ensure safety.

Optional Configuration:
1. Fixed speed motor/frequency conversion motor
2. Safety valve/Cryogenic interlocking device for overpressure
3. Pressurized interlocking device for outlet liquid

1. Compact structure, simple design
2. Worm wheel, impeller and rotor are made of high-strength alloy bronze to ensure safety in liquid gas.
3. Cavitation-resistant mechanical seal or labyrinth, easy installation and removal, long life.
4. High-strength hollow stainless steel shaft
5. Impeller with low dynamic unbalance
6. A motor with a frequency converter makes the pump applied more widely
7. Flexible connection between the liquid inlet and outlet, a filter for the liquid inlet, and stable operation with a slight vibration.
8. These pumps operate on the principle of centrifugal force.


Air Separation Units (ASU): Used for separating gases from air.
Process and Transfer Applications: Vital for industrial gas facilities.
Stationary Pumps for Liquid Transfer: Efficiently move cryogenic liquids.
Cryogenic Liquid Unloading from Tankers: Safely unload cryogenic liquids from delivery tankers.