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Nitrous oxide (N2O), also called dinitrogen monoxide, laughing gas, or nitrous, one of several oxides of nitrogen, a colourless gas with pleasant, sweetish odour and taste, which when inhaled produces insensibility to pain preceded by mild hysteria, sometimes laughter.
A principal use of nitrous oxide is as an anesthetic in surgical operations of short duration; prolonged inhalation causes death. The gas is also used as a propellant in food aerosols.

How to Make Nitrous Oxide?

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The reaction kinetics of decomposition doubles for every 10°C (18°F) increase in temperature (or the rate of decomposition multiplies by a factor of 1.07 for each°C in nitrous oxide factory.

How to make N2O?

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Nitrous oxide is produced by thermally decomposing a hot solution of ammonium nitrate and water at concentrations varying from between 80 to 93% at a temperature of approximately 250°C to 255°C, (482°F to 491°F).

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The reaction is ticklish and has to be controlled properly in Nitrous Oxide factory. If temperature of ammonium nitrate is allowed to go beyond a certain point then N2o is not formed.

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The steam in the hot gas is condensed in the first water scrubber and the entrained moisture and traces of ammonium nitrate get separated in the mist separator. The residual traces of ammonium nitrate, carbon dioxide and other oxides of nitrogen are removed in the caustic scrubber.

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A variety of reactions take place in an ammonium nitrate reactor being operated to produce nitrous oxide in nitrous oxide factory. The pure ammonium nitrate salt melts at 169°C (337°F), and begins decomposing at 190°C (375° F).

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The gas containing some nitrogen is then stored in the gas balloon. The gas is compressed with a compressor, dried in a drier and then refrigerate when it becomes liquid.