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BE OUR gas cylinder Customers

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Visiting Iran

2015 year Ms Cathy visited Iran customer


India Customers

2018 year Mr Vimal from India visited our company


Thailand Customers

2018 year Mr Huang from Thailand visited our factory

gas cylinder customers

Angola Customers

2013 year Mr Mario from Angola visited our company

gas cylinder customers

Poland Customer

2013 year Mr Franc from Poland visited our factory


Vietnam Customers

2014 year Ms Cathy & David visited vietnam customer

gas cylinder customers

Saudi Arab Customers

2016 year Mr Ahmed from Saudi Arab inspected loading

gas cylinder customers

Tunis Customers

2015 year Mr Payam from Iran visited our factory


Russia Customers

2018 year Mr Andrey from Russia visited our company


Egypt Customers

2018 year Mr Hussein from Egypt visited our company


Pakistan Customers

2016 year Mr Ali from pakistan visited our company


Africa Customers

2014 year Mr Mario’s brother from Africa visited our company


Iran Customers

2017 year Mr Payam from Iran visited our factoy


Pakistan Customers

2016 year Mr Ali from Pakistan visited our factory


Saudi Arab Customers

2016 year Mr Ahmed’s brother from Saudi Arab inspected cylinders.

iran gas cylinder customers

East Asia Customers

2017 year we visited  customer Mr.Amin in East Asia

Being Our Gas Cylinder Customers.