Liquid Nitrogen

LN2 – Liquefied N2

Liquid nitrogen is colorless, odorless, and non-toxic.
It is extremely cold, with a boiling point of -195.79 degrees Celsius (-320.42 degrees Fahrenheit) at atmospheric pressure.
At such low temperatures, many substances become frozen and brittle, making liquid nitrogen useful in various applications.
DSW is a prominent supplier of industrial gases, including liquid nitrogen, offering a range of purity levels and packaging options in various sizes.

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is a cryogenic liquid obtained by cooling and condensing nitrogen gas to an extremely low temperature.
It is composed of nitrogen molecules (N2) in a liquid state and is commonly abbreviated as LN2.
Nitrogen is the primary component of Earth’s atmosphere, constituting about 78% of our air.

DSW is a leading global supplier of cryogenic nitrogen and compressed nitrogen gas, offering various supply solutions.
We offer various purities to accommodate different industry needs and applications.

liquid nitrogen, LN2


Gas Name Specifications Impurity Content (10-6) Standard Number
N2 99.9993% O2≤2 H2≤5 THC≤2.0 H2O≤2.6 GB/T8979-2008
N2 99.999% O2≤3 H2≤1 THC≤3.0 H2O≤5.0

Package or Supply Mode

Bulk Delivery: For large-scale industrial applications or continuous high-demand usage, liquid nitrogen is often delivered in bulk. It involves the transportation of cryogenic nitrogen in specialized tanker trucks or ISO containers. These bulk deliveries are typically made to industrial facilities or distribution centres equipped with on-site storage tanks for large-volume storage.

Cylinder:  Cryogenic nitrogen can also be supplied in smaller quantities through cylinders. Cryogenic cylinders are filled with liquid nitrogen and are available in different sizes, such as 20-liter or 50-liter capacity. These cylinders are delivered to the customer’s location and can be used for various applications, including laboratories, research facilities, and small-scale industrial operations.

Dewar Flask: For smaller volumes or portable applications, liquid nitrogen can be supplied in smaller Dewar flasks. These flasks come in various sizes, typically ranging from a few litres to tens of litres capacity. Dewar flasks are filled with liquid nitrogen and can be transported to the customer’s site. They are commonly used in laboratories, medical facilities, and other applications requiring smaller quantities.

Versatile Applications

  • Liquid nitrogen gas plays a vital role in cryogenic freezing and preservation processes, rapidly freezing biological materials such as cells, tissues, and food products for extended preservation periods.
  • The food industry relies on liquid nitrogen for flash freezing, ensuring the quality and texture of food products. It is extensively used to produce ice creams, frozen desserts, and rapidly chill specific foods during processing.
  • Various industrial processes benefit from the applications of cryo nitrogen. It is employed for shrink-fitting metal parts, cooling electronics in manufacturing, and functioning as a coolant for machinery and equipment that generate high heat levels.
  • Liquid nitrogen gas finds significant use in the medical and healthcare sectors, particularly in cryosurgery. Cryosurgery utilizes extremely cold temperatures to freeze and eliminate abnormal tissues like warts, moles, and specific skin lesions.
  • Liquid nitrogen is widely employed as a coolant in scientific research and laboratories. It helps maintain low temperatures during experiments, preserves biological samples, and facilitates the operation of specific scientific instruments.