Compressed Argon Gases


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Liquid Argon Gas(LAR)
-O2 < 3ppm
-N2 < 4ppm
-Moisture < 3ppm
Carrier gas for chromatography
Sputtering in hard disk production
Protecting against oxidation in viticulture

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Compressed Argon Gases

DSW Industry provides a wide range of argon gases in a variety of cylinder, dewar , cryogenic tank sizes and variety of purity for all your industry needs.
The capability of providing pure gases get along with customized mixing of component gases to meet all your welding needs.

Most commonly used in the metal industry for metal production, processing and fabrication, it can be used as a pure gas for certain shielding, blanketing, annealing and hot isostatic pressing applications.
It can also be used as part of a mixture with other gases, in particular carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen or helium, depending on the process and material.

Limiting CharacteristicsCGA G-11.1Typical
Type II, Grade C
Argon Minimum, %99.99799.998
Dew Point, °F-76-90
Combined total hydrocarbons (as methane) and cabon dioxide33

DSW offer   argon gas in high-pressure gas cylinders and liquid argon dewars in a variety of sizes.
Argon is used to an inert shield gas to enhance arc stability and characteristics of gas metal arc welding.
It is also the primary gas for the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) process.
Liquid Argon Gas, Liquid Argon supplier

compressed argon gases manufacturer
liquid argon gases manufacturer

Argon may be referred to as “PLAR” pure liquid argon or “CLAR” (crude liquid argon), or by its chemical designation, “Ar”.

Crude argon is usually thought of as an intermediate product in a facility that makes pure argon, but it may be a final product for some lower capacity air separation plants which ship it to larger facilities for final purification.
Some crude argon is also sold as a final product for uses that do not need high purity oxygen (e.g. some steelmaking and welding applications).
DSW offers a full range Argon Gases  in various purity  to suit your application and process needs with cost effectiveness.