Cryogenic Tank Container

Cryo Container

Cryogenic 20ft Liquid ISO Container Stainless Steel ISO Tank
20m3 lng iso tank container/cryogenic iso tank/heated iso tank container
Our cryogenic tanks are designed for the efficient, safe and long-term storage of cryogenic liquefied gases (liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon and CO2.
Based on the double shells, vacuum-Perlite insulation design is available in capacities from 20FT and 40FT with working pressures of 8 bar, 16bar and 22Bar.


A cryogenic tank container is a specialized shipping container designed for transporting and storing cryogenic liquids, such as liquid nitrogen, oxygen, or argon, at extremely low temperatures.
Incorporated in 2004, DSW is one of the most reputed companies in the cryogenic tank container market and complies with the size, durability, and strength per the ISO standards.

 China 20FT ISO Cryogenic Tank Container

Model:1CC-TCS-20000/16                                     Insulation type: Multilayer
NO Items Inner vessel Outer vessel
1 Design pressure     MPa 1.6 -0.1(outer)
2 Working pressure    MPa 1.6 -0.1(outer)
3 MAWP            MPa 1.6 /
4 Design temperature    ℃ -196 -19~50
5 Working temperature   ℃ ≥-196 normal
6 Pneumatic test      MPa 1.6 HLD
7 G. Vol              m3 20.8 5.5(interlayer)
8 E. Vol              m3 19.76 /
9 Medium LOX/LIN/LAR Multilayer
10 Main material S30408 Q345R
11 Treatment Pickling and passivation Sanding and coating
12 Corrosion allowance  mm 0 0
13 Joint efficiency 1 0.85
14 Filling rate 95% /
15 Static evaporation   %/d ≤0.22(by LOX), ≤0.35 (by LIN), ≤0.24 (by LAR),
16 Seal off vacuum degree Pa ≤1×102
17 Leakage of vacuum interspace  Pam3/s ≤1×106
18 ISO code 22T7
19 Diameter         mm Φ2150 Φ2400
20 External Dimensions  mm 6058×2438×2591
21 type Horizontal
22 Tare weight           Kg ~7890
23 Fully loading weight    Kg ~15986(LIN), ~27585(LAR), ~22546(LOX)
24 Design service life 15years
25 Open pressure for safety valve 1.89Mpa
26 Sort
27 Portable tank guideline T75

China 20FT ISO Cryogenic Tank Container Stainless Steel ISO ASME Tank

The structure for Cryogenic Containers

An inner vessel constructed of stainless steel and designed to withstand very low temperatures.
Carbon steel forms the outer vessel. To maintain cryogenic temperatures and ensure safety, these vessels are separated using various insulation materials that insulate each other.
Cryogenic storage tanks feature two containers and an innovative pressure regulation system to maintain constant pressure for user needs and requirements.
20FT ISO Cryogenic Tank Container Stainless Steel ISO ASME Tank

How to choose a cryogenic container?
It is dependent upon which liquid gas to store.
Companies looking for cryogenic tank containers must carefully consider which substances they need to store, then inform the manufacturer.
Different substances require tanks with different shapes and designs to effectively store their respective cryogenic liquid.

Some common substances that require a cryogenic container include:
LIN (liquid nitrogen)
LOX (Liquid Oxygen)
LAR (Liquid Argon)
CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)
LHe (Liquid Helium)
LH2 (Liquid Hydrogen)
LPG ( Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
Liquid Ethylene

20FT ISO Cryogenic Tank Container Stainless Steel ISO ASME Tank
DSW would supply a full range of transport and storage solutions for cryogenic air gases like nitrogen, oxygen, and argon (LIN/LOX/LAR), carbon dioxide (CO2), liquefied natural gas (LNG), and other gases.
ASME tanks (Cryogenic Tank Container) get their name from the American Society of Engineers. These vessels are designed for permanent installation on a property. Because they have thicker steel and are not exposed to the same hazards that portable DOT cylinders are, recertification is not required. ASME tanks are measured in gallons. Standard tank sizes range from 120 gallons to 2,000 gallons. On the other hand, the capacity of DOT cylinders is measured in pounds of water. They might vary in size from 5 pounds to 420 pounds.

At DSW, we design ASME cryo containers and large vacuum-insulated cryogenic pressure vessels according to client needs and international and local regulations.
Design, engineering, and production teams come together in our cryogenic tanks method from initial sketches through construction and commissioning.