80l nitrogen cylinders N2 gas tank

80L Nitrogen Cylinders

High Quality liquid nitrogen gas cylinder ,nitrogen industrial gas cylinder, nitrogen gas tank
ISO9809 Standard 80L N2 Gas Cylinder Seamless Steel Cylinders 84.7KG Weight Nitrogen Container
80L Nitrogen gas Cylinders is widely used in the industry of Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Glass, Cement and Lime, Healthcare, Laboratories & analysis, Electronics, Electronics, Automotive & transportation and Other industries.

Nitrogen Cylinders

Nitrogen cylinders, also known as nitrogen tanks or nitrogen bottles, are containers specifically designed to store and transport nitrogen gas in its compressed form. Nitrogen is an odorless, colorless, and inert gas that finds widespread use across various industries and applications.

DSW provides 2L to 80L excellent-performance nitrogen bottles with high quality and competitive prices.
They are widely used in industrial and medical nitrogen applications with special fire suppression valves and caps.


– Volume: 80Litre
– Color: Red,
– Diameter:267mm,
– Height:1710mm
– Thickness: 6.3mm
– Weight:76kg.
– Working pressure:200bar
– Test pressure:300bar

80L Nitrogen Cylinder,N2 gas tank

80L Nitrogen Gas Cylinder,N2 gas tank

Applications and Industries:

Construction: In hot weather, liquid nitrogen is used as an alternative coolant for concrete work.
Manufacturing & Metal Fabrication: Nitrogen prevents oxidation, provides an inert atmosphere, and assists in laser cutting and plasma cutting.
Energy: Used for testing pipeline pressure, purging air, and managing temperature.
Chemicals: Pressurizes pipelines and purges piping and equipment to prevent contamination.
Healthcare: Nitrogen NF is essential for freezing and preserving biological material.
Life Sciences: Used in various processes and as a protectant against oxidation and contamination.
Food Processing: Nitrogen plays a role in chilling, freezing, and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to extend shelf life.
Automotive: Used in airbags and as a versatile welding gas.

Supply Modes:

Compressed Nitrogen: Available in high-pressure gas cylinders.
Liquid Nitrogen: Stored in dewars (containers) for low-volume needs.
Safety Considerations:

Always follow safety guidelines when handling nitrogen cylinders.
Nitrogen is non-flammable but displaces oxygen, so proper ventilation is crucial.
Ensure proper storage and handling to prevent leaks or accidents.

80L Nitrogen Gas Cylinder,N2 gas tank

80L Nitrogen Cylinder,N2 gas tank

80L Nitrogen Cylinder,N2 gas tank
80L Nitrogen Cylinder,N2 gas tank
80L Nitrogen Gas Cylinder,N2 gas tank
DSW is pleased to offer competitively priced nitrogen bottles and cylinders for domestic and commercial use; we take great pride in ensuring we have a suitable solution for all our valued customers’ needs.