bottled nitrogen gas

bottled nitrogen gas

Purity Control. Set the purity level that you need
nitrogen cylinder with special valve and cap.
How Do I Size a Nitrogen Bottle?
Durable steel construction.
Thick, rust stop painted walls.
High-quality Brass valve installed.
UN/ISO stamped
DOT- and TC-approved
Certified or hydro-tested within 12 month

bottled nitrogen gas

bottled nitrogen supplied by DSW is available in range of various sizes, purity requirements and we privde total solutions for you customer to meet your nitrogen gas needs.
Nitrogen gas can be categorized as high purity or low purity depending on the ratio of pure gas to the contaminants like oxygen, water vapor, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide.
Nitrogen (N2) is a versatile gas used across a wide range of applications and industries, and in multiple purities in various grades specific to different applications.
The industrial nitrogen cylinders are all made by high quality seamless steel pipe,consistent height, smoothly painting, and excellent properties,
which is widely used for steel cutting, welding, electronic, medical and other fields

The bottled nitrogen can refer both to pure nitrogen tank or liquid nitrogen bottle.
In any case, the nitrogen bottle is the most common and most straightforward formula for the different industries to have access to this element.
In order to have continuous access to this gas, companies order bottled nitrogen from their trusted suppliers.

Bottled Nitrogen gas is widely used in the industry of Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Glass, Cement and Lime,
Healthcare, Laboratories & analysis, Electronics, Electronics, Automotive & transportation and Other industries.

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Outside diameter(mm) 152
Water capacity(L) 15
Height(mm) 1012
Weight(kg) 17.7
Design wall thickness(mm) 4.4
Working Pressure(Mpa) 15
Material 37Mn
Head Protection Tulip Cap or Common Cap
Cylinder Color As Clients Require
Certification Provided ISO9809/TPED/DOT

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 nitrogen cylinders

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