bottled nitrogen gas

bottled nitrogen gas

Purity Control. Set the purity level that you need
nitrogen cylinder with special valve and cap.
How Do I Size a Nitrogen Bottle?
Durable steel construction.
Thick, rust stop painted walls.
High-quality Brass valve installed.
UN/ISO stamped
DOT- and TC-approved
Certified or hydro-tested within 12 month

bottled nitrogen gas

bottled nitrogen supplied by DSW is available in various sizes and purity requirements, and we provide solutions for your customer to meet your nitrogen gas needs.
Nitrogen gas can be categorized as high purity or low purity depending on the ratio of pure gas to the contaminants like oxygen, water vapor, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide.
Nitrogen (N2) is a versatile gas used across various applications and industries and in multiple purities in various grades specific to different applications.
The industrial nitrogen cylinders are all made of high-quality seamless steel pipe, consistent height, smooth painting, and excellent properties, widely used for steel cutting, welding, electronic, medical, and other fields.

Bottled nitrogen can refer to both a pure nitrogen cylinder and a liquid nitrogen bottle.
In any case, the nitrogen bottle is the most common and straightforward formula for different industries to have access to this element.
Companies order bottled nitrogen from trusted suppliers to access this gas continuously.

Bottled Nitrogen gas is widely used in the industry of Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Glass, Cement and Lime,Healthcare, Laboratories & Analysis, Electronics, Automotive & Transportation, and Other Industries.

Cryogenic Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen boils at 77 K (-196 °C, that is -321 °F) at atmospheric pressure. By nature, it is a cryogenic fluid and can cause rapid freezing on contact with living tissue. This may lead to frostbite. Liquid nitrogen freezes at 63 K (-210 °C, that is -346 °F).

Applications of Nitrogen, including the following:

Air conditioning – Our nitrogen cylinder can purge air condition systems, flushing out impurities in the unit and allowing the air conditioning to function using cleaner air, which reduces the spread of contamination. Using a nitrogen gas canister in air conditioning can enhance your unit’s efficiency as nitrogen absorbs trapped moisture.

Food packaging and wine preservation – Our nitrogen gas cylinders are trendy in food packaging and protection. One of the main properties of nitrogen is that it can displace oxygen which carries moisture that bacteria can use to grow. When nitrogen gas is used, oxygen is removed, making it much more difficult for bacteria to thrive. Removing oxygen also prevents oxidation, a standard process that causes food such as fruit to lose color and spoil.

Motorsports for tire inflation – Filling tires using a Nitrogen gas canister rather than air has many advantages, combatting water vapor issues by displacing the oxygen needed for vapor to form. Nitrogen gas also has a more consistent rate of expansion, which is ideal for motorsport tires due to the varying temperatures and traction throughout a race track. Nitrogen gas remains at constant pressure despite these affecting factors.

Manufacturing –  Bottled nitrogen is also used widely within the manufacturing industry. Nitrogen can shrink fittings, allowing them to be inserted into smaller spaces. Once inserted, the fitting expands as it returns to its ambient temperature, sealing the connection and creating a tight fitting. Nitrogen can also be used in liquid form to assist tunnel creation and excavation, specifically within construction.

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Nitrogen Cylinders Size, Nitrogen Bottles

Outside diameter(mm) 152
Water capacity(L) 15
Height(mm) 1012
Weight(kg) 17.7
Design wall thickness(mm) 4.4
Working Pressure(Mpa) 15
Material 37Mn
Head Protection Tulip Cap or Common Cap
Cylinder Color As Clients Require
Certification Provided ISO9809/TPED/DOT

80liter nitrogen gas cylinders
 nitrogen cylinders

nitrogen cylinders

We have several sizes of nitrogen bottles available. So whether you’re looking for a solution that will last your business for a considerable amount of time, or you don’t use much nitrogen and require a smaller cylinder, we have an option that is right for you.