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industry Argon with a mixture of gas
40L argon gas cylinder or argon gas tank Refillable High Purity 99.999%<
Argon is mainly used as an inert shielding gas in welding and other high-temperature industrial processes where ordinarily unreactive substances become reactive.
Argon is a liquid created when it reaches a low temperature of -185.8° Celsius(-302.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

Industry Argon Gas

Argon is an inert shield gas to enhance arc stability and gas metal arc welding characteristics.
It is also the primary industrial gas for the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) process for industry.
DSW offers various sizes of argon gas in high-pressure gas cylinders and liquid argon in dewars.


Argon(Ar) > 99.999%
Liquid argon ( LAR) > 99.999%
Argon with a mixture of gas
Main Gas Balance gas Valve
Argon Gas Helium: 1ppm-50% CGA 580
Argon Gas Hydrogen: 1ppm-50% CGA 350
Argon Gas Nitrogen: 1ppm-50% CGA 580

 Sizes of Argon gas Cylinder

Size 40L-150 Bar 50L-150 Bar 50L-200 Bar
Volume 6M3 7.5M3 10M3
Outside Diameter 219MM 232MM 232MM
Height 1333MM 1420MM 1420MM
Weight 47.8KG 52KG 52KG
Working pressure 150BAR 150BAR 200BAR
Test pressure 250BAR 250BAR 300BAR
Material 37Mn 37Mn 34CrMo4
Wall thickness 5.7MM 5.7MM 5.7MM
Standard ISO9809-3 ISO9809-3 ISO9809-1

industry argon gas

Variety Of Industrial Applications:

Gas Arc Welding
Plasma Etching
Purging or Balancing (Laboratories)
Heat Treatment

Argon Supply Modes

Gas Cylinders:  This is the most common method of storing argon under a high-pressure argon cylinder for smaller to medium-sized volumes.
Argon Dewar:  Liquefied argon may be stored and transported in insulated containers. This method is also ideal for small-to-medium volumes.
Argon MicroBulk:  This is a cost-effective solution for larger volumes that have outgrown the use of cylinders. It involves the delivery of liquid argon in specially designed vessels.
Bulk Deliveries: Argon gas can be supplied for huge volumes using tube trailers or other large-scale ISO containers.
On-site Generation: For huge volumes, an on-site argon generation system can be installed. This is often used in remote locations or for very high consumption rates.

Argon GAS Cylinders

Argon is an excellent tool for metal fabrication and welding.

The metal fabrication industry uses argon gas to shield metals against welding oxidation.
This is due to its non-toxic properties, nonflammability, nonreactivity under extreme temperatures, etc.

Ar is used to enhance the quality of metal fabrications and welding.
Argon is a shielding gas in various welding processes, including gas metal arc and tungsten welding.
The inert argon protects against atmospheric gases, like nitrogen and oxygen, that may cause defects in the welding.
Furthermore, its shielding properties improve arc stability by protecting against contamination or oxidation. It makes welds stronger structurally.

Inertness is also crucial for preventing contamination and oxidation. This leads to better welds and mechanical properties.
The consistent, reliable performance of Ar argon as a shielding agent increases welding productivity.

When welding or heat-treating metals like stainless steel or titanium, argon gas can create an oxygen-free environment;
argon gas prevents oxides from forming, which can compromise the material’s properties.

Metal fabrication is an essential subsector for manufacturing industries. It is also interconnected with other sectors, including food, beverages and pharmaceuticals.

Suppliers of Argon Gas and sourcing options

It is essential to work with reliable suppliers when sourcing argon for industrial applications.
DSW can fulfil your company’s stringent quality and supply chain requirements.
We provide high-purity gases in various cylinder sizes with multiple delivery options for welding, metal fabrication and electronics manufacturing industries.
We also provide customized solutions, such as gas blending, on-site supply systems, and technical assistance, to optimize argon’s use in industrial processes.