Ethylene Oxide Gas

Ethylene oxide

Ethylene oxide, also known as oxirane (IUPAC name), is an organic compound represented by the chemical formula C₂H₄O.
It utilizes a gas diffusion process to effectively sterilize and eliminate viable microorganisms from products.
C2H4O is a flammable, colorless gas used to make other chemicals that are used in making a range of products, including antifreeze, textiles, plastics, detergents and adhesives.
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‎Ethylene Oxide

Due to its unique properties and applications, ethylene oxide is a versatile chemical compound widely used in various industries.
We provide competitively priced Ethylene Oxide gas in various purities and concentrations and Ethylene Oxide packages.

DSW is a prominent global manufacturer of high-purity ethylene oxide, a versatile chemical intermediate widely used to produce various derivatives.
These derivatives serve as crucial raw materials for the manufacturing of polyester fibres, beverage bottles, components for soaps and detergents, antifreeze products, cosmetics, and paints.

Ethylene Oxide Cylinders

Cylinder diameter (φ) Material Volume (L) Cylinder Height (mm) Weight (kg) Fill with pure EO gas (kg)
850mm Stainless Steel 800L 1561mm 184kg 630kg


raw material C2H4O origin Sinopec2#-2019-02-350
quantity 3 ton way Bottle sampling
inspection standard GB/T 13098-2008
item index measured value conclusion
C2H4O % ≧99.95 99.99 up to standard
appearance Colourless transparent, no mechanical impurities Colourless transparent, no mechanical impurities up to standard
Total aldehydes (in acetaldehyde) % ≦0.003 Check-in COA up to standard
Acid (in acetic acid) ≦0.002 Check-in COA up to standard
CO2 % ≦0.001 ˂0.0005 up to standard
H2O % ≦0.01 0.0062 up to standard
Hazen ≦5 Check-in COA up to standard
Inspector;                     date:2019.02.25


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Applications of Ethylene Oxide

Sterilization and Disinfection:
Ethylene oxide is a sterilizing agent designed explicitly for heat-sensitive medical devices, equipment, and supplies.
Its exceptional ability to penetrate diverse materials makes it highly practical for ensuring sterility within the healthcare industry.
Moreover, ethylene oxide effectively permeates packaging materials and diffuses into intricate channels and crevices of complex medical devices, including fully loaded pallets, thereby eliminating pathogens and guaranteeing product sterility.

Chemical Intermediates:
Ethylene oxide is a vital building block for producing various chemical intermediates. It synthesises ethylene glycols, ethanolamines, glycol ethers, and other important chemicals.


Ethylene oxide plays a role in agriculture as a fumigant for controlling pests and pathogens. It helps preserve stored grains, spices, and other agricultural products.

Textiles and Plastics:
Ethylene oxide is a raw material used to produce polyester fibres and fabrics in the textile industry. It is also utilized in manufacturing polyethene glycols (PEGs), which find applications in producing plastics, detergents, and personal care products.

Ethylene Oxide can sterilize at low temperatures, sterilising many plastic, composite, and other temperature-sensitive devices.

Ethylene Oxide is also utilized to sterilize, fumigate, and reduce the microbial load for a variety of other products, including spices and seasonings, cosmetics, aseptic packaging, laboratory materials, pharmaceuticals, artifacts, archival materials, and library objects.