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ISO9809 Standard 80L N2 Gas Cylinder, Seamless Steel 84.7KG Weight Nitrogen gas tanks
Nitrogen gas is widely used in Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Glass, Cement and Lime, Healthcare, Laboratories & analysis, Electronics, Electronics, Automotive & transportation, and Other industries.

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DSW provides nitrogen in high-pressure nitrogen gas cylinders as well as liquid nitrogen dewars. These are available in different sizes and can be used to meet any low-volume requirements.

DSW offers liquid and compressed nitrogen in different grades, each suited to a specific application.
• A coolant for concrete work
• An assist gas for laser cutting
• A pressurizing agent in pipelines
• A cryogenic for preserving biological material
• A welding gas in automotive manufacturing

Nitrogen Gas Bottles

N2 80L Nitrogen cylinders with special fire suppression valve and cap.
– Volume: 80Litre
– Color: Red,
– Diameter:267mm,
– Height:1710mm
– Thickness: 6.3mm
– Weight:76kg.
– Working pressure:200bar
– Test pressure:300bar

80liter nitrogen gas cylinders

What are the sizes of nitrogen cylinders?

Nitrogen gas bottles come in G2 and E2 sizes, from 2L to 80L. Nitrogen gas is inert to virtually all substances at ambient temperatures and conditions, rendering it safe for storage for many applications.

Nitrogen is used in the food and chemical industry for blanketing, purging, and sparging.
It can also be found in modified atmosphere packaging of foodstuffs.
Liquid nitrogen can also be used to shock-freeze food or biological materials for storage.
Its power is also helpful for cryosurgery and cryogenically grinding rubber and plastics.

N2 is used extensively in the semiconductor industry as a purge gas and carrier gas.
It also serves as a zero and balancing gas in laboratory analyses.
Nitrogen is also used in heat treatment, ammonia production, fire suppression, tire filling, shrink fitting, and cold traps.

 nitrogen gas cylinders
nitrogen gas cylinders

Nitrogen Cylinders Supply

Nitrogen and gas cylinders supplied by DSW are available in a range of cylinder sizes, purity requirements, and on-site solutions to meet your nitrogen gas needs.

Supply Modes

Cylinders & Liquid Containers
We have nitrogen available in liquid nitrogen dewars, high-pressure gas bottles, and cylinders.

DSW MicroBulk is a safe, clean, and efficient solution for users who need to store nitrogen in large quantities but don’t have the space.

Bulk Delivery
The bulk liquid and gas delivery of nitrogen and a wide range of purities are available.

Buy N2 Cylinders

From filling to the point of use, our compressed gas cylinders protect the compressed gas quality and ensure stability.
Ask DSW International for more information on available certifications.