nitrogen cylinders

N2 Gas Cylinders

N2 gas cylinders are typically handled and transported with care due to the high pressure of the gas they contain.
High-quality liquid nitrogen dewar
nitrogen industrial gas cylinder
Durable steel construction.
Thick, rust-stop painted walls.
High-quality Brass valve installed.
UN/ISO stamped
DOT- and TC-approved
Certified or hydro-tested within 12 months

Nitrogen Cylinder

Nitrogen (N2) is a versatile gas used across various applications and industries and in multiple purities in various grades specific to different applications.
Nitrogen cylinders, also known as nitrogen gas cylinders or nitrogen tanks, are containers specifically designed to store and transport compressed nitrogen gas.
N2 80L Nitrogen cylinders with special fire suppression valve and cap.
The industrial nitrogen gas tanks are all made of high-quality seamless steel pipe, consistent height, smooth painting, and excellent properties,which are widely used for steel cutting, welding, electronic, medical, and other fields

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The size of nitrogen tanks

Nitrogen (N 2) can be used in various industries and applications. N2 can be utilized across nearly every industry to enhance yields and optimize performance.
It facilitates safe storage and use of flammables while preventing their explosion and improving the quality and shelf-life of air-sensitive materials such as food, pharmaceuticals, and electronic products.
We provide nitrogen in a variety of purities and delivery modes.
DSW offers nitrogen cylinders ranging in sizes from 2-80 liters, certified with TUV, TPED, CE, and DOT for safe usage.

Outside diameter(mm) 152
Water capacity(L) 15
Height(mm) 1012
Weight(kg) 17.7
Design wall thickness(mm) 4.4
Working Pressure(Mpa) 15
Material 37Mn
Head Protection Tulip Cap or Common Cap
Cylinder Color As Clients Require
Certification Provided ISO9809/TPED/DOT

80liter nitrogen gas cylinders


Composition: Nitrogen gas cylinders are typically made of high-strength steel or aluminum alloy to withstand high-pressure storage of compressed nitrogen gas. These cylinders are designed and tested to ensure safety and durability.
Pressure Rating: Nitrogen cylinders are available in different pressure ratings, typically ranging from 2000 to 6000 pounds per square inch (psi) or more. The pressure rating indicates the maximum pressure that the cylinder can safely contain.
Sizes and Capacities: Nitrogen cylinders come in various sizes and capacities to suit different needs. Common sizes include small portable cylinders used for specific applications, as well as larger cylinders used for industrial purposes. The capacity of a cylinder is measured in cubic feet (ft³) or liters (L) and indicates the volume of gas that the cylinder can hold.
Valve and Regulator: Nitrogen cylinders are equipped with a valve that allows for the controlled release of the gas. The valve is typically compatible with specific regulators, which are devices used to reduce the high pressure from the cylinder to a lower, more manageable pressure for use in various applications.
 nitrogen cylinders

nitrogen cylinders

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Nitrogen gas bottles supplied by DSW are available in various sizes, purity requirements, and on-site solutions to meet your nitrogen gas needs.
Nitrogen gas is widely used in Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Glass, Cement and Lime, Healthcare, Laboratories & analysis, Electronics, Electronics, Automotive & transportation, and Other industries.

Nitrogen Supply Modes

Cylinders & Liquid Containers
We supply nitrogen in high-pressure gas cylinders and liquid nitrogen dewars in various sizes to meet all low-volume needs.

An Ideal Solution for Higher Volume Users for those who have outgrown cylinders and dewars but lack space for bulk storage solutions, DSW offers MicroBulk nitrogen for safe, clean, efficient higher volume users.

Bulk Deliveries
Nitrogen can also be purchased in bulk gas and liquid form for bulk deliveries – offering various purities and tank sizes.

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