Liquid Argon Tanks

Cryogenic argon tank

A cryogenic argon tank, also known as a liquid argon tank is a specialized container designed to store argon gas in its liquid form at extremely low temperatures.
Cryogenic argon tanks are constructed with double-walled vessels or vacuum-insulated vessels to minimize heat transfer and maintain the low temperatures required for the storage of the liquid argon.
Liquid Argon Gas(LAR)
-O2 < 3ppm
-N2 < 4ppm
-Moisture < 3ppm
Bulk gas supply:by ISO tank container
DSW offers various purities and concentrations of argon gas and liquid argon (Ar).

Liquid Argon Tanks

Liquid Argon Tanks, also known as liquid argon storage vessels, are specially designed containers used for storing and transporting liquid argon at extremely low temperatures.
Liquid argon is a liquefied gas with a standard boiling point below –130°F (–90°C).
Liquid argon has a boiling point of –303°F (–186°C).
The temperature difference between the product and the surrounding environment, even in winter, is substantial. Keeping this surrounding heat from the product requires special equipment to store and handle cryogenic liquids.
Air separation plants produce argon through the continuous cryogenic distillation of atmospheric air. The cryogenic liquid is recovered from the argon.

DSW provides high-quality liquid argon tanks or cylinders for cryogenic storage of liquid gases, including argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, and helium.
The liquid argon tanks have capacities from 3,000 to > 100,000 litres and standardized working pressures of 18, 22, or 36 bar, respectively.
The 20-foot ISO framework-type tank container applies to Intermodal transportation, including marine, highway, and railroad transportation.


Insulation: Cryogenic argon tanks are equipped with advanced insulation systems, such as vacuum or multi-layered insulation, to minimize heat transfer and reduce evaporation rates, thereby preserving the liquid argon for extended periods.
Pressure-Building System: These tanks incorporate pressure-building systems that ensure a controlled pressure level inside the tank, allowing for a steady supply of liquid argon during usage.
Robust Construction: Cryogenic argon tanks are constructed from durable materials, such as stainless steel or aluminium, to withstand the extremely low temperatures and pressures of storing cryogenic liquids.
Safety Features: These tanks are equipped with safety relief devices and pressure control valves to prevent overpressure situations and ensure safe operation.

A typical system comprises a cryogenic tank, one or several vaporizers, and the necessary piping for filling and vaporizing. In principle, the cryogenic argon tank looks like a vacuum container. The cryogenic tank is designed to keep the heat from the inner vessel’s liquids. Vaporizers change liquid argon into gaseous form. A pressure control manifold can control the gas pressure fed into the process.

The Specfication of Argon

Argon(Ar) > 99.999%
Liquid argon ( LAR) > 99.999%
Argon with a mixture of gas
Main Gas Balance gas Valve
Argon Gas Helium: 1ppm-50% CGA 580
Argon Gas Hydrogen: 1ppm-50% CGA 350
Argon Gas Nitrogen: 1ppm-50% CGA 580

liquid argon cryogenic tank supplier

Delivery of Bulk Argon Supply

  1. The 20-foot ISO Lar tank container applies to Intermodal transportation. Marine, highway, and railroad transportation.
  2. With its overall dimensions conforming to ISO standards, the tank container is rated for up to nine high-stacking loads.
  3. DSW cryogenic liquid argon trailers deliver bulk liquid argon to large cryogenic bulk storage vessels or smaller MicroBulk tanks at customer sites.
  4. Bulk argon delivery is also an option when argon demand is high – for both gas and liquid argon.
  5. We also offer various choices for container sizes, container types, and purity grades – including bulk argon delivery.
  6. Pre-filled liquid argon cylinders are a versatile supply option for minor requirements. Argon can be dispensed from liquid cylinders in either gas or liquid phase.

liquid argon cryogenic tank supplier


Liquid argon with package for sale

DSW offers various sizes of argon gas in high-pressure gas cylinders and liquid argon dewars. DSW supplies a range of high-purity liquid Argon to suit your application and process needs.