2M3 MicroBulk Cylinders

2M3 MicroBulk Cylinders

Microbulk storage system tank capacities range from 450 to 3,000 liters
High Pressure Storage & Transportation Equipment

2M3 MicroBulk Cylinders, MicroBulk Storage Systems

Microbulk systems are cost-effective storage tanks designed for on-site refill. While smaller than conventional bulk systems, they still ensure a reliable supply of top-grade gas in your facility.
MicroBulk Cylinders are available for oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide (N2O), and LNG & in high-pressure, high-flow applications, including laser cutting, metal processing & fabrication, precision welding,  medical oxygen, food & beverage packaging/preservation, electronics manufacture.

Microbulk Tank Sizes

Model:CDLS-2/2.6                                               Insulation type:Multi-layer
NO Items Inner vessel Outer vessel
1 Design pressure MPa 2.8 -0.1(outer)
2 Working pressure MPa 2.6 -0.1(outer)
3 MAWP MPa 2.8 /
4 Design temperature ºC -196 -19~50
5 Working temperature ºC ≥-196 normal
6 Strength pressure MPa 4.35 HLD
7 G. Vol m3 2.1 1.38(interlayer)
8 E. Vol m3 2 /
9 Medium LIN/LOX/LAR Multi-layer
10 Main material S30408 S30408
11 Treatment Pickling and passivation Sanding (Sa2.5)and coating
12 Corrosion allowance mm 0 0
13 Joint efficiency 1 0.85
14 Filling rate 95% /
15 Static evaporation %/d LN2≤0.7; LO2≤0.45; LAR≤0.49
16 Seal off vacuum degree Pa ≤0.01
17 Interlayer seal leakage ≤1×10-8
18 Diameter mm Φ1200 Φ1402
19 External Dimensions mm Φ1402×2690
20 Type Vertical
21 Tare weight Kg ~1480
22 Fully loading weight Kg 4300(LAR);
23 Design service life 15years
24 Open pressure for safety valve 2.75Mpa
25 Medium max density kg/m3 1410(LAR)
26 Thickness of coat um /
27 Ex-work pressure of inner 0.03Mpa
28 Design code GB

Benefits of the Microbulk System
MicroBulk Systems offer an intermediate solution between gas cylinders and bulk systems, and make an attractive option if your business’s requirements outstrip those of standard cylinder tanks but bulk volumes exceed your needs. They are especially useful if a permanent installation of tanks between 450 to 7,000 liters for on-site filling can be installed permanently for convenient filling needs. A Microbulk delivery system replaces high-pressure or liquid cylinders with a stainless steel, low pressure storage tank,available from 230 liters to 5,500 liters, depending on the gas and volumes you need.

2M3 MicroBulk Cylinders,Microbulk Storage System

2M3 MicroBulk Cylinders,Microbulk Storage System

2M3 MicroBulk Cylinders,Microbulk Storage System

Additional information



Brand Name:

JP brand

Machinery Test Report:


Warranty of core components:

Not Available





Inner Material:


Design Pressure(MPa):


Design Standard:



3 months

Key Selling Points:

High Productivity

After Warranty Servi

Online support

Showroom Location:


Working Pressure:


Outside Diameter:


Place of Origin:

Zhejiang, China

Video outgoing-inspection:


Marketing Type:

Pressure vessel



Volume (m³):


Outer Material:


Max Working Pressure(MPa):

20 MPa

Working Temperature(℃):

-20 – 60 ℃

After-sales Service Provided:

Video technical support

Applicable Industries:

Hotels, Manufacturing Plant, Restaurant, Home Use, Food Shop,

Local Service Location:


Water Capacity:

50L oxygen Cylinder

Test Pressure:

300bar Oxygen Gas Cylinder