40L cylinder laughing gas, Medical grade nitrous oxide

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Medical  N2O Gas
40L cylinder 99.9%-99.999% industrial laughing gas ,medical grade nitrous oxide
Food grade N2O is produced by Ammonium Nitrate.
Widely used for hospital applications. Another common application is Nitro booster in high speed racing cars.
Common purity : 99.9%
Electronic purity : 99.999%
DSW Nitrous Oxide have been exported to many countries like India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Netherlands, and Mexico.

Medical grade nitrous oxide has the ability to lower down the mental consciousness of patients. This helps them tolerate pain and longer surgical processes.
Nitrous oxide is a clear, colourless, slightly sweet smelling, non-irritating gas that is used as sedative and analgesic and supplied in blue (ultramarine) cylinders as determined by AS4484.
Commonly referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is used in surgery and dentistry for its pain blocking and reducing effects.

Medical nitrous oxide is used in adults and children for:
General anaesthesia – usually as an adjuvant to other volatile or intravenous anaesthetics
Pain relief – employed with oxygen for analgesia in moderately painful procedures, such as dentistry, obstetrics, and fractures
Conscious sedation – effective and safe sedation technique for the reduction of stress in the apprehensive or anxious individual.

Nitrous Oxide will support combustion and can detonate at temperatures in excess of 650° C (1202° F).
Over 80 percent of the Nitrous Oxide market is used as an analgesic property in the medicine/dentist industry.

n2o medical grade nitrous oxide

Product packaging
Outside Diameter140/152/159 mm219mm
Weight13.4/12.6/12.7 KGS48 KGS
Working pressure150BAR150BAR
Test pressure250BAR250BAR
Wall thickness4.1/4.4/4.4 mm5.7MM
Filling weight( N2O)5 KGS20/24 KGS

medical grade laughing gas

medical grade nitrous oxide

medical grade nitrous oxide
Cylinder sizes available in 1.5L, 3.0L, 10L, 25L, 35L, 50L as measured by nominal water capacity.

Purity 99.9% NO Nitric Oxide Gas Medical Grade With Colorless Appearance
CAS No.: 10102-43-9
EINECS No.: 233-271-0
UN No.: UN1660
Purity: 99.9%
Dot Class: 2.3
Appearance: Colorless
Grade Standard: Medical Grade

Nitric oxide dosing information
Usual Pediatric Dose for Respiratory Failure:

Recommended dose: 20 ppm
Duration of therapy: 14 days or until the underlying oxygen desaturation has resolved
Weaning off: Down-titrate in several steps, pausing several hours at each step to monitor for hypoxemia

-Doses above 20 ppm are not recommended
-Avoid abrupt discontinuation
Use(s): To improve oxygenation and reduce the need for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in term and near term (over 34 weeks gestation)
neonates with hypoxic respiratory failure associated with clinical or echocardiographic evidence of pulmonary hypertension in conjunction with ventilatory support and other appropriate agents