68L TPED EN certificated CO2 cylinders

Carbon Dioxide Cylinders

Carbon dioxide cylinders are pressurized containers specifically designed to store and transport carbon dioxide (CO2) gas.
These cylinders are typically made of high-quality materials such as steel or aluminum to ensure strength, durability, and integrity when under pressure.
68 liters co2 tank , co2 bottle for welding
40l 47l 50l 68l high pressure seamless co2 bottle for firefighting and beverage.
CO2 cylinders are commonly used in the beverage industry to carbonate beverages such as carbonated water, soft drinks, beer, and sparkling wine.

68L TPED CO2 cylinders for carbon dioxide

DSW produces high-quality 4130 CrMo alloy steel CO2 cylinders to meet US DOT and International regulations, using strict standards that comply with their production.
DSW provides 2L to 80L outstanding-performance CO2 cylinders suitable for industrial CO2 and beverage CO2 applications.
We design, produce, and inspect them according to international standards, using high-strength steel material with features including uniform height, precise engraving, long durability, etc.

DSW’s aluminum CO2 cylinders are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and specially designed for beverage carbonation.
All aluminum CO2 Cylinders have a bare-brushed finish with CGA 320 valves as standard.

68 liters CO2 cylinders


Manufactured from high-quality 4130 CrMo (chromium-molybdenum) alloy steel, DSW provides HP steel cylinders produced using strict standards and in compliance with the US DOT and International regulations.
High-pressure steel cylinders can be used for multiple applications: oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, mixtures, and many other gases and pressurized liquids.
Capacities: 20 CF up to 500 CF (also available: special sizes such as 68 L and 82.5 L)
Service pressures: 2015 psi to 6000 psi
Complies with DOT, TC, ISO, and military specifications
Made with high-quality 4130 CrMo (chromium-molybdenum) alloy steel
Multiple options for customization – painting – stamping – neck-rings
A large selection of valves and other accessories are also available in stock

Carbon Dioxide Cylinders Sizes

68 liters CO2 cylinders
Carbon dioxide gas is used in industries to make chemicals and feedstock.
Carbon dioxide gas is used in many applications, including refrigeration systems, welding processes, water treatment (stabilizing pH), carbonated beverage production, metal casting mold hardness improvement, and soldering agents. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers that use carbon dioxide-based solutions effectively control electrical fires and those caused by fuels, oils, and solvents.
68 liters CO2 cylinders


Cylinders can be filled with O2, CO2, H2, Ar, He, or N2. Every cylinder must undergo water pressure testing – the test pressure should exceed its working pressure by at least five times; so, for example, when the working pressure is 15 MPa, the testing pressure may reach 25 Mpa.
All parameters (excluding sheet -specifications below ), such as package size, price, and more, are symbolic as they depend on other variables; for instance, material pricing varies frequently, and thus we need to negotiate them in detail before finalizing our agreement. Customization options may include body color, words sprayed on valve types/cap types/material types(37Mn, 34CrMo4/ QF-2C9, CGA326/ ZF-15, etc.), cap color options, neck rings with internal polishing services, all available as options to customize our offer fully.


68 liters CO2 gas cylinders

68 liters CO2 gas cylinders

68 liters CO2 cylinders

68 liters CO2 gas cylinders

68 liters CO2 cylinders

Refillable 20L-80L industrial gas cylinders meet ISO9809-3 and DOT approval. Options available are nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), and hydrogen (H2).
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