Welding gas cylinders, acetylene gas bottles

High-Quality Welding Gas Bottle

Keep Your Welding Operations Flowing with Safe and Reliable Acetylene Cylinders

Acetylene gas, a vital fuel for welding and cutting applications, requires safe and dependable storage.
DSW is your one-stop shop for top-of-the-line acetylene gas cylinders, also known as acetylene tanks or bottles.

Acetylene Cylinders: Built for Safety and Performance
Durable Construction: Our cylinders are manufactured using high-quality seamless steel pipes. This robust construction ensures exceptional strength, longevity, and most importantly, safety when storing and handling acetylene gas.
Meeting the Highest Standards: We adhere to strict quality standards during the manufacturing process. You can be confident that DSW acetylene cylinders meet all industry regulations and safety requirements.
The DSW Difference: At DSW, we understand the critical role your equipment plays in your operations. That’s why we provide reliable and dependable acetylene cylinders to keep your welding projects running smoothly.

40Liter welding gas cylinders

DSW has extensive experience developing and sourcing on-time services to meet customers’ specifications or quantities and processing various gas cylinders.
DSW holds ISO Certification from the International Standardization Organization and certifications from DoT of America, TUV Germany, and KGS Korea – among others.

At Welding For Less, we aim to be your one-stop provider for all your welding operations.
We stock supplies and equipment necessary for every project imaginable – including welding gas cylinders for Argon, Nitrogen, Helium, and Carbon Dioxide, as well as shielding gases to help create an atmospheric barrier around your welding area and produce clean welds.

Welding Gas Tank Specification

Model Number 50L-267mm-200Bar 40L-219mm-150Bar
Pressure High
Brand Name DSW
Type 50L/200Bar 40L/150Bar
Outside Diameter 267mm 219mm
Height 1119mm 1305mm
Working Pressure 200Bar 150Bar
Test Pressure 300bar 250Bar
Certification TPED ISO/TPED/GB
Wall Thickness 37Mn/5.8mm 37Mn/5.7mm
Weight 51.3kg 47.8kg
Standard IS09809-1 IS09809-1
Water Capacity 50L 40L

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Different Types Of Welding Gases
Ten elemental gases, such as Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Helium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Acetylene, Propane, and propylene, are used in welding, and they can be mixed to create even more options!

40L Welding Gas Tanks filled with Acetylene 

is a colorless, flammable gas with an odor similar to garlic.
welding gas cylinders,welding gas tank manufacturer

Gas Welding Tanks Sizes

40L welding gas cylinder, welding gas bottle, welding bottle

welding gas cylinders,40L welding gas tank manufacturer
40L welding gas cylinder, welding gas bottle, welding bottle
DSW has implemented a rigorous and comprehensive quality control system to guarantee that every welding bottle meets the exacting quality standards specified by our customers.
Our commitment to quality is paramount, and we have established stringent processes to ensure that each cylinder undergoes meticulous inspection before it is shipped.