JP 10M3 Medical Oxygen Cylinder with CGA-540

IS09809-1 10M3 JP medical Oxygen gas Cylinder Supplier

For Peru Ecuador Bolivia South America.
10M3 MEDICAL Oxygen Cylinders For South America Market.
40l 47l 50l 68l high pressure seamless gas bottle oxygen gas cylinder for medical.
Oxygen Cylinder is a special high pressure vessel, storage and transportation of oxygen it is by the band bottles, bottle, cylinder valves and cap 4 parts.

10M3 Medical Oxygen Cylinder Supplier

DSW offers a variety of cylinders for high and low pressures, designed to ensure a dependable and safe supply of packaged gas.
We have the oxygen gas cylinders you need, whether a single cylinder or a 12-pack.
10M3 Medical Oxygen Cylinder

10M3 Medical Oxygen Cylinder

Oxygen tanks are used to store gas for:

medical breathing at medical facilities and at home
breathing at altitude in aviation, either in a decompression emergency, or constantly (as in unpressurized aircraft)
oxygen first aid kits
oxygen therapy
gas blending, for creating diving breathing mixes such as nitrox, trimix and heliox
open-circuit scuba sets – mainly used for accelerated decompression in technical diving
some types of diving rebreather: oxygen rebreathers and fully closed circuit rebreathers
use in climbing, “Bottled oxygen” refers to oxygen tanks for mountaineering
industrial processes, including the manufacture of steel and monel
oxyacetylene welding equipment, glass lampworking torches, and some gas cutting torches
use as liquid rocket propellants for rocket engines
athletes, specifically on American football sidelines, to expedite recovery after exertion.
Breathing oxygen is delivered from the storage tank to users by use of the following methods: oxygen mask, nasal cannula, full face diving mask, diving helmet, demand valve, oxygen rebreather, built in breathing system (BIBS), oxygen tent, and hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

10M3 Medical Oxygen Cylinder

10M3 Medical Oxygen Cylinder

10M3 Medical Oxygen Cylinder

10M3 Oxygen Cylinders For South America Market.

IS09809-1 10M3 JP medical Oxygen gas Cylinder With CGA540 Valve

10M3 Medical Oxygen Cylinder

IS09809-1 10M3 JP medical Oxygen gas Cylinder With CGA540 Valve

Medical Oxygen Tank Sizes

Medical Oxygen Cylinder sizes available in 47L, 150 Bar;10L, 150 Bar;16 Cylinder Pallets,Other Sizes and Pressures on Asking
DSW medical gas cylinders use first-class processing equipment and advanced processes to produce high-pressure steel seamless gas cylinders of various specifications, including 5 liter, 10 liter, 15 liter, 40 liter, and 50 liter gas cylinders.
In addition to the commonly used oxygen cylinders, we can also produce argon, nitrogen, neon, air, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other gas cylinders.

Working Pressure:150bar/200bar; Testing pressure: 250bar
Filling Medium: Air, Oxygen, Argon, Hydrogen, Helium, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide
Equipped with various specifications of caps or valves(BS341, DIN477and CGA standard)
Manufacturing material: 37Mn/34CrMo4

Additional information



Brand Name:

JP brand

Machinery Test Report:


Warranty of core components:

Not Available





Inner Material:


Design Pressure(MPa):


Design Standard:



3 months

Key Selling Points:

High Productivity

After Warranty Servi

Online support

Showroom Location:


Working Pressure:


Outside Diameter:


Place of Origin:

Zhejiang, China

Video outgoing-inspection:


Marketing Type:

Pressure vessel



Volume (m³):


Outer Material:


Max Working Pressure(MPa):

20 MPa

Working Temperature(℃):

-20 – 60 ℃

After-sales Service Provided:

Video technical support

Applicable Industries:

Hotels, Manufacturing Plant, Restaurant, Home Use, Food Shop,

Local Service Location:


Water Capacity:

50L oxygen Cylinder

Test Pressure:

300bar Oxygen Gas Cylinder