AL80 scuba diving tank , Aluminum Scuba Tanks

AL80  Scuba Diving Tank,

Aluminum Scuba Tanks,
Diving Oxygen Cylinder
DSW AL80 Aluminum SCUBA Cylinder with Pro Valve in Black is rated 3000 psi and has a Pro valve.
The Scuba Diving Tank or aluminum alloy tank is refilled with carbon dioxide at a pressure of 1,800 PSI and tested at 3,000 PSI. Each cylinder is 100% hydraulically tested and manufactured by TPED ISO7866 standards to assure quality.

Aluminum Scuba Tanks

All scuba tanks come in either aluminum or steel construction; aluminum tanks tend to be preferred in tropical recreational dive centers, while steel tanks tend to be selected by side-mount, tech, and deep divers in colder waters.
AL80 scuba diving tank , Aluminum Scuba Tanks

diving cylinders or Scuba Tanks

Scuba tanks or diving cylinders are essential pieces of equipment for every diver. The tanks store breathable air under immense pressure, enabling us to breathe underwater – they put the “scuba” in scuba diving!
AL80 scuba diving tank , Aluminum Scuba Tanks

Providing Breathing Support to Rescuers

Scuba tanks can be invaluable to rescuers during natural disasters, providing essential oxygen underwater to enable divers to respond quickly in aquatic environments.

Scuba tanks enable rescuers to enter affected areas using underwater vehicles such as boats, submarines, or robotic rescue arms to search for people needing help.
With limited air supplies and the ability to dive deep underwater, rescuers can better identify victims in submerged buildings or ships more quickly than conventional search teams operating above the structures.

Scuba tanks give rescuers an extra edge when saving lives during natural disasters without jeopardizing their safety or the well-being of rescuers themselves.

AL80 scuba diving tank , Aluminum Scuba Tanks

Providing Emergency Oxygen Supply

Attaching regulators can transform tanks into invaluable resources that aid survivors of natural disasters or global tragedies in rebuilding devastated communities.
Scuba tanks often play an integral role in providing essential breathing support and medical aid during such distress.

Underwater vehicles used for exploration and rescue missions provide another vital resource, fueling damage assessment and expedited search-and-rescue activities.

Aluminum Scuba Tanks
When choosing between steel and aluminum scuba tanks, it’s essential to consider dry weight and size, as these can affect your buoyancy and overall comfort.
In scuba diving, dry weight refers to how much a tank weighs on land—and you’re going to want to consider if you plan on lugging your tank around when you’re not in water.
Steel is more robust and durable than aluminum, so tanks made with the latter usually have thicker walls to compensate for the reduced tensile strength.
DSW’s aluminum SCUBA cylinders with CE/DOT/TUV/MSDS/ISO9001 certifications have been strictly inspected before shipment.