Cryogenic Liquid Container ISO ASME Tank

20 container ISO ASME TANK

Cryogenic 20ft Liquid ISO Container Stainless Steel ISO Tank
20m3 lng iso tank container/cryogenic iso tank/heated iso tank container
for liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon and CO2


As per ASME codes, our pressure vessel manufacturing products adhere to stringent safety and reliability standards, giving our customers confidence that the pressure vessels they purchase meet high-quality and safety requirements for running productive manufacturing lines.
You can rest easy knowing the pressure vessel you buy meets these criteria.

DSW’s ASME code tanks meet every standard

The aspects of a pressure vessel that must follow ASME code are:
Building materials.
Construction method.
Inspection regulations.
The welder’s qualifications.

1. ASME certified tank container technical spec

Model:1CC-TCS-20000/16                                     Insulation type: Multilayer
NO Items Inner vessel Outer vessel
1 Design pressure     MPa 1.6 -0.1(outer)
2 Working pressure    MPa 1.6 -0.1(outer)
3 MAWP            MPa 1.6 /
4 Design temperature    ℃ -196 -19~50
5 Working temperature   ℃ ≥-196 normal
6 Pneumatic test      MPa 1.6 HLD
7 G. Vol              m3 20.8 5.5(interlayer)
8 E. Vol              m3 19.76 /
9 Medium LOX/LIN/LAR Multi-layer
10 Main material S30408 Q345R
11 Treatment Pickling and passivation Sanding and coating
12 Corrosion allowance  mm 0 0
13 Joint efficiency 1 0.85
14 Filling rate 95% /
15 Static evaporation   %/d ≤0.22(by LOX), ≤0.35 (by LIN), ≤0.24 (by LAR),
16 Seal off vacuum degree Pa ≤1×102
17 Leakage of vacuum interspace  Pam3/s ≤1×106
18 ISO code 22T7
19 Diameter         mm Φ2150 Φ2400
20 External Dimensions  mm 6058×2438×2591
21 type Horizontal
22 Tare weight           Kg ~7890
23 Fully loading weight    Kg ~15986(LIN), ~27585(LAR), ~22546(LOX)
24 Design service life 15years
25 Open pressure for safety valve 1.89Mpa
26 Sort
27 Portable tank guideline T75

Cryogenic 20ft Liquid ISO Container Stainless Steel ISO ASME Tank
Cryogenic 20ft Liquid ISO Container Stainless Steel ISO ASME Tank

What is ASME?

ASME stands for American Society of Mechanical Engineers. It is a professional organization that sets standards and codes for the autoclave industry.
The ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) sets code standards for the pressure vessel industry.
Cryogenic 20ft Liquid ISO Container Stainless Steel ISO ASME Tank

Our cryogenic tanks are designed  for the efficient, safe, and long term storage of cryogenic liquefied
gases (liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and CO2).
Based on the double shells, the vacuum-Perlite insulation design has capacities of 20FT and 40FT with working pressures of 8 bar, 16 bar, and 22 bar.