27M3 Semitrailer Tank

27M3 Semitrailer Tank

DSW engineers and manufactures cryogenic trailers with a variety of pump and drive options.
Our trailers are ASTM and DOT-certified.
They are most commonly used to transport Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Argon and are built with maximum payload, safety, economy, and longevity in mind.
one set 30m3 cryogenic lng tank load in one 40FR;
one set 50m3 cryogenic vessel load in one 40FR;
more than 50m3 cryogenic LNG /liquid oxygen/ nitrogen/argon tank should be loaded in bulk vessel

27M3 Semi-trailer Tank Cryogenic Storage Tank

8000 GAL 30000L LN2 transporter GB7258 exported to Saudi Arabia
Cryogenic semi-trailers are specialized trailers that transport cryogenic gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, natural gas, and more.
They are double-walled trailers with an operating pressure range of 3 and 7 bar (g). Cryogenic semi-trailers are available in a standard range of 23,000 to 46,500 liters.
They are optimized for particular fluid duty for the most economical and safe transportation of large volumes over long distances.

Main feature:

Brand new cryogenic liquid transport semi-trailer for liquid Oxygen/ Argon/ Nitrogen.
Volume 30,000L; working pressure: 1.6 bar,
Overall dimension: Φ11810 X 2500 X 3650
Inner shell: stainless steel (S30408),
Outer shell: carbon steel (Q345R),
The Cryostar pump, including the inlet and outlet flexible hose and filter, is attached to the tank.
Design standard:
a.GB150 (Pressure Vessels)
b.GB/T18442 (Multi-layer Insulation Pressure Vessel)

LN2 transporter trailer Size

Model Name Medium Volume Overall Dimension Inner shell Outer shell Design Standard
9401GDYNW LN2 transporter trailer Liquid oxygen/argon/nitrogen 30000L Φ11810*2500*3650 mm Stainless steel (S30408) carbon steel (Q345R) a.GB150 (Pressure Vessels) b.GB/T18442 (Multi-layer Insulation Pressure Vessel


27M3 Semitrailer Tank Cryogenic Storage Tank
27M3 Semitrailer Tank Cryogenic Storage Tank
27M3 Semitrailer Tank Cryogenic Storage Tank
27M3 Semitrailer Tank Cryogenic Storage Tank

27M3 Semitrailer Tank Cryogenic Storage Tank

20M3 Cryogenic Storage Tank , LOX storage tank

27M3 Semitrailer Tank

The cryogenic stationary tanks (27M3 Semi-trailer Tank) are designed for long-term storage of cryogenic liquefied gases under pressure.
Inner vessels are made of austenitic stainless steel and cold stretched for selected medium or high-pressure models.
These tanks are available vertically or horizontally and can be used for LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, CO2, and N2O.