LNG Tank Containers

LNG Tank Containers

ISO LNG containers are part of DSW’s standardized, lightweight, modularized transport equipment.
These containers have inherited from containers the ease of transportation.
It is suitable for multi-modal transport by sea, rail and road and for the quantity storage and transport of cryogenic liquid.
With their standardized and modularized designs, LNG ISO tank containers can seamlessly integrate upstream and downstream into the solution.
They are also a perfect fit for storage and transport, resulting in higher client value.


LNG Tank Containers are special intermodal tanks designed to transport and store liquefied natural gas (LNG) at cryogenic temperatures.
They are built according to the ISO standards (International Organisation for Standardization) and are used to transport LNG in bulk efficiently.

Product Features

1. Unique internal structural design, excellent thermal insulation, loss-free long-distance transportation;
2. GB150, ASME, AS1210, EN13530 and other relevant national and international standards; Larger volume, lighter weight and safely easy operation. ;
3. Conform to IMDG/ADR/RID and other international requirements concerning the transportation of dangerous items suitable for multi-modal global transport;
4. The requirements of LR (Lloyd’s Register), DNV (Det Norske Veritas), CCS (China Classification Society), or relevant inspection and certification services.


Liquefied Natural Gas| LNG Tank Container

DSW is an industry-leading designer, engineer and manufacturer of LNG transportation and storage such as LNG containers and LNG vaporizer Skid.
Transporting LNG in ISO tanks is an innovative and effective alternative to conventional natural gas distribution.

LNG is odorless, colorless, non-toxic, and non-corrosive.
LNG, or Liquefied Natural Gas, is natural gas that has been cooled down to liquid form for ease and safety of non-pressurized storage or transport.
Our testing ensures all of our Natural Gas storage tanks for natural gas meet ISO standards and DOT regulations.
DSW works directly with each customer to provide custom solutions based on pressure and holding requirements.
DSW offers the highest-quality cryogenic mobile tanks at competitive prices. Our cryogenic storage vessels are used worldwide to safely transport and store cryogenic or liquid gas.


LNG Tank Container – 40ft/20ft/custom size
Liquefied Natural Gas Tank Containers are designed worldwide to increase the energy supply chain by allowing safe storage and transport of liquefied gas.
LNG is becoming a viable alternative to fossil fuels. Natural gas delivered in LNG tank containers is a great energy alternative for remote and urban areas.

40ft Cryogenic Tank Container
DWG.NO Design Codes MAWP(MPa) Capacity(m3) Net Weight(kg) Loading Weight(kg) Rated weight(kg)
CGBIS-40-0.79 GB 0.79 45.5m3 11580 18900 30480
CASIS-40-0.83 ASME 0.83 45.5m3 11580 18900 30480
CASIS-40-0.79/0.83 GB/ASME 0.79/0.83MPa 45.5m3 11580 18900 30480
CASIS-40-0.483 ASME 0.483(70psi) 45m3 10250 23750 34000
CASIS-40-0.758 ASME 0.758(110psi) 45.5m3 11580 22420 34000

40 ft LNG ISO container
Standard 40 ft ISO containers for the safe storage and transport of liquefied natural gas (LNG)
Building it around a standard 40ft ISO frame with Blair corner castings provides compatibility with widely used shipping containers and ensures ease of transport and handling.

20ft Cryogenic Tank Container (Side Opening door)
DWG.NO Design Codes MAWP(MPa) Capacity(m3) Empty Container(kg) Loading Weight(kg) Rated weight(kg)
CASIS-20-1.6-S ASME 1.6 21.1m³ 7500 28500 36000
CASIS-20-1.8-S ASME 1.8 21.1m³ 7800 28200 36000
CASIS-20-2.4-S ASME 2.4 21.1m³ 8800 27200 36000
CENIS-20-1.8-S EN 1.8 21.4m³ 8600 27400 36000
CENIS-20-2.4-S EN 2.4 21.1m³ 10000 26000 36000


20ft Cryogenic Tank Container (Back Opening door)
DWG.NO Design Codes MAWP(MPa) Capacity(m3) Net Weight(kg) Loading Weight(kg) Rated weight(kg)
CASIS-20-1.6-B ASME 1.6 20.2m³ 7200 28800 36000
CASIS-20-1.8-B ASME 1.8 20.2m³ 7550 28450 36000
CASIS-20-2.4-B ASME 2.4 20.2m³ 8400 27600 36000
CASIS-20-3.5-B ASME 3.5 20.2m³ 10250 25750 36000

LNG ISO Tank container for Sale

Intermodal tanks are designed to be loaded onto trucks, ships, and rail cars, enabling a “virtual pipeline” for transporting liquids, gases, and bulk materials.
This flexibility allows them to reach smaller markets, remote locations, or areas without proper infrastructure for natural gas or other substances.
DSW has developed these LNG fuel solutions, including intermodal tank containers, to provide a more flexible and accessible means of transporting and distributing LNG as a fuel source. The mobile tank can be configured for cryogenic pumps.