40FT LNG Cryogenic Tank

40FT LNG Cryogenic Tank

LNG ISO tank container
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ISO tank container
LNG Cryogenic Containers
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40FT LNG ISO tanks

ISO tanks, built according to ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization), are commonly used for transporting liquids and gases in bulk quantities. LNG ISO tanks are designed to carry liquified natural gas (LNG) safely.

These tanks are made of stainless steel, featuring multi-layered vacuum-insulated pressure tanks backed up by double-walled transport tanks that help store LNG at temperatures as low as -162 degC (-260 degF). Their maximum pressure level stands at 0.690 MPa.

An LNG ISO tank comprises two containers — an inner tank that holds the liquid natural gas (LNG) and an outer container with insulation materials – connected by two valves. Full containment tanks are most often utilized, though the size may differ depending on their intended use. Transporting LNG in ISO tanks offers an innovative and cost-effective alternative to traditional natural gas distribution methods.


40FT LNG Cryogenic Tank

LNG ISO tank container

These tanks feature working pressures ranging from 100psi to 10 Bar and are ideal for transporting LNG safely. Furthermore, these tanks boast features like high vacuum insulation, stacking capabilities of nine units high, complete decal sets, and various pipework options to offer maximum versatility to end users and operators alike.

Gas 20ft, 40ft, 45ft They are specifically designed to carry industrial, medical, and natural gasses—for example, liquified petroleum gas and heliox.
Multi-compartment 20ft, 40ft Great if you’re looking to transport various liquids, powders, and gasses simultaneously.
LNG ISO tanks 20ft, 40ft, 45ft Intended to ship liquified natural gas (LNG) such as methane and ethane.

20M3 Cryogenic Storage Tank ,40FT LNG Cryogenic Tank

20M3 Cryogenic Storage Tank,40FT LNG Cryogenic Tank
20M3 Cryogenic Storage Tank , LOX storage tank

20M3 Cryogenic ISO Tank

40FT LNG Cryogenic Tank
The 20M3 Cryogenic ISO Tank is designed to store cryogenic liquefied gases under pressure temporarily. Inner vessels are made of austenitic stainless steel and cold stretched for selected medium / high-pressure models. These tanks are available in a vertical or horizontal arrangement, and they can be used for LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, CO2, and N2O.