Tubes Skid Cascade Container

LN2O Tubes Skid Cascade Container

Medical Nitrous Oxide N2O Gas Tanks
20000L cylinder 99.9%-99.999% industrial laughing gas ,medical grade nitrous oxide
Food grade Nitrous Oxide is produced by Ammonium Nitrate.
Widely used for hospital applications.
Another common application is Nitro booster in high speed racing cars.
Common purity : 99.9%
Electronic purity : 99.999%

Tubes Skid Cascade Container

20FT 40FT  High Purity N2o Gas Pipe Bundle Container
DSW offers industrial gas tube skids constructed on ISO that meet national or customer-specified pressure specifications, including He(Helium), H2(Hydrogen), Ne(Neon), N2(Nitrogen)and Ar(Argon), including CNG tanks.
The working pressure may be set according to national or customer-specific needs: 166 bar, 200 bar or 250 bar, respectively.

Type Work Pressure Water Volume Cylinder Size Cylinder Weight Outside SIze
(Mpa)   (m3) (DXL)mm Quantity   (kg) (LxWxH)mm
1X3 25 6. 00 0559X10707 3 10197 11057X668X2158
2X2 25 8. 00 0559X10707 4 13596 11057X1335X1494
2X3 25 12. 00 0559X10707 6 20394 11057X1335X2158
1X3 25 3.39 0559X6290 3 6003 6640X668X2158
2X2 25 4. 52 0559X6290 4 8004 6640X1335X1494
2X3 25 6. 78 0559X6290 6 12006 6640X1335X2158
1X3 25 3. 90 0559X7000 3 6870 7350X668X2158
2X2 25 5. 20 0559X7000 4 9160 7350X1335X1494
2X3 25 7.8 0559X7000 6 13740 7350X1335X2158
3X3 25 7. 38 0559X4550 9 13320 4900X2000X2158

N2O purity ≥99.9995% 

Nominal Operating Pressure(MPa) 20
Working Temperature(ºC) -40~60
Single Cylinder Volume(m3) 1.065
Cylinder Quantity(piece) 8
Total Water Volume(m3) 8.52
Filling Medium N2O
Container Weight(kg) 12650
Rated Weight(kg) 12906
Service Life(years) 20
Cylinder Material 4130X
Leakage Test Pressure(MPa) 20
Hydrostatic Test Pressure(MPa) 33.4
Cylinder Size:OD×Thickness×Length(mm) Φ559×16.8×5490
Container Size:Length×Width×height(mm) 6058×2438×1435
Gas Inlet & Outlet DN 5/8″
Safety Relief Devices  Burst Disk
 Pressure Gauge YTN-100H
Delivery time: 20ft 30th Aug 2018
40ft 30th Sep 2018

Tubes Skid Cascade Container
Tubes Skid Cascade Container
Tubes Skid Cascade Container for LO2/LN2/LAR/LCO2/LNG/LN2O

Nitrous oxide may be used as an aerosol propellant in various fields:

– for whipped cream (because it improves the foaming characteristics of the cream), syrups, concentrates of coffee, chocolate and various flavors, sauces for grilled meats, vinaigrette, etc.
– pharmaceutical field
– cosmetics (perfumes, eau de cologne, hair spray, etc.)
– household products, paints and varnishes, insecticides
– aerosols for use at low temperature, such as de-icers, engine starting boosters, etc.

The concept of having all the containers the same size, with mechanically stable frames around them, common connections, and methods for locking them securely in place – means cranes and other material handling devices are built to quickly connect to the tank and securely move it from vehicle to vehicle.