cryogenic liquid cylinders

Dewar Cylinder

DSW supplies dewar and liquid cylinders to safely contain liquefied gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide. These gases are stored at extremely low temperatures and in a liquid state.

Packaged Gases Liquid Cylinders

Liquid cylinders offer a safer and more efficient gas storage solution than traditional high-pressure cylinders.

Portable Liquid Cylinders

DSW liquid cylinders are intended for only temporary use, not permanent mobile application installation. Explore DSW’s Dura cylinder portfolio below and let us tailor a solution that best meets the needs of your business.

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Vessel Gas Liquid Sizes and specification

Pressure:HighPlace of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Model Number:GB24159-2009Material:Steel
Material:DSWUse:Industrial Gas
Water Capacity:175LWorking Pressure:2.3IPA
Test Pressure:4.6IPACertification:GB24159-2009
Color:Customer’s RequirementApplication:Nitrogen
Name:Dura Cy1inder

welded Insulated cryogenic liquid container, dewar cylinder

welded Insulated cryogenic liquid container, dewar cylinder

What are liquid cylinders?

Liquid cylinders are pressurized containers specifically designed for cryogenic liquids. Liquid cylinders let you withdraw liquid and gas. A dewar has valves for filling and dispensing the cryogenic fluid and a pressure-control valve with a brittle rupture disk as backup protection.
Product Highlights
Ideal for liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2, or nitrous oxide
Different sizes, pressures, and features to meet your needs
Stainless steel construction
Patented durable, inner-vessel support system
Heavy-duty flooring and large diameter handling ring with four supports
Roto-tel liquid level gauge system (MP & HP models only)
Five-year vacuum warranty

welded Insulated cryogenic liquid container, dewar cylinder

Dewar Cylinder Design

The inner pressure vessel is constructed of stainless steel and supported within an outer stainless steel vacuum jacket. The support system is an all-stainless steel internal support designed for low heat leaks and high strength.
The outer vacuum jacket of the liquid cylinder contains an internal vaporizer that converts the cold liquid to gas.
The internal pressure-building system allows immediate use of the cylinder by automatically building pressure to the preset operating pressure and maintaining it during gas withdrawal.

Liquid Cylinders, dura cylinder
Dura liquid cylinders have model distinctions for low-pressure liquid and gas withdrawal cylinders, medium-pressure liquid and gas withdrawal cylinders, and high-pressure liquid and gas withdrawal.

Quality Manufacturing
Our experience and code compliance to ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 ensure our liquid cylinders are manufactured to high-quality standards and on time.

welded Insulated cryogenic liquid container dewar cylinder