Manufacturer of Cryogenic Semi trailer

Manufacturer of Cryogenic Semi-trailer Transport Tanks from 20000 liters and 60000 liters.
The cryogenic semi-trailer tanker mainly consists of horizontal storage tank, half trailer chassis, operation box, cryogenic liquid pump, automatic compressor, flow hose and connection pieces between the tank and chassis. It is a necessary gas carrier in cryogenic liquid transportation.
1. Storage medium: LO2, LN2, LAr, LCO2 and LNG
2. Working pressure: 0.2MPa ~ 2.2MPa, or as requrested.
3. Effective capacity: 4m³~51m³
4. Insulation method: vacuum powder
5. Manufacturing standards: A2, C2, GC1, GB-150, ASME, U STAMP, ISO9001 : 2008
6. 20000L size 10590mm*2480mm*3750mm

cryogenic Semi-trailer Transport

cryogenic Semi-trailer Transport

DSW have passed ISO9001:2008 International Quality Supervision System Certification. We own 170000 square meter building size ,The total assets is 180 million, we can produce 120pcs of different cryogenic tanks per month , we have 500 workers and staff members, including 55 technician (6 super- engineer, 19 engineer, 10 primary technician, 1 super-technician, 4 technician, 15 Nondestructive Tester (RT, UT). There’re 8 departments, such as technology, production, sales, quality, purchase, finance, secretary and standard, 1general management office, 1 international export office , 5 workshops and 1 Installation Company.

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