Gas Cylinders inspections tests 1

List of procedures for periodic gas cylinders inspections and tests
Each cylinder shall be submitted to periodic inspections and tests. The following procedures, where applicable, form the requirements for such inspections and tests and are explained more fully in later clauses:
1.identification of cylinder and preparation for inspection and tests (Clause 5);
2.depressurization and de–valving (Clause 6);
3.external visual inspection (Clause 7);
4.check of internal condition (Clause 8);
5.supplementary tests (Clause 9);
6.inspection of cylinder neck (Clause 10);
7.pressure test or ultrasonic examination (Clause 11);
8.inspection of valve and other accessories (Clause 12);
9.replacement of cylinder parts (Clause 13);
10.cylinder repairs (Clause 14); operations (Clause 15);
12.rejection and rendering cylinder unserviceable (Clause 16).
It is recommended that the procedures a) to l) be performed in the sequence listed. In particular, the check of internal condition [d)] should be carried out before the pressure test or before the ultrasonic examination [g)].
Cylinders that fail an inspection or test shall be rejected (see Clause 16). Where a cylinder passes the above-listed procedures but the condition of the cylinder remains in doubt, additional tests shall be performed to confirm its suitability for continued service (see Clause 9) or the cylinder shall be rendered unserviceable.
Depending on the reason for rejection, some cylinders may be recovered (see Annex B).

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gas cylinders inspections tests

gas cylinders inspections tests

The gas cylinders inspections and tests

shall be carried out only by persons who are competent in the subject and authorized under the relevant regulations.
Mechanical properties of steel cylinders may be affected by heat exposure. Therefore, the maximum temperature for any operation shall be limited in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

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