CO2 Cartridges Suppliers

CO2 Tanks Suppliers

DSW, China’s leading supplier of CO2 cartridges, offers a comprehensive range of high-pressure, compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) gas in compact, cylindrical containers.
Our CO2 cartridges cater to various applications and are available in multiple sizes and materials.

Features for Optimal Performance:

  • Multiple Sizes and Capacities: DSW offers cartridges ranging from 8-gram options to larger multi-ounce capacities, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.
  • Durable Construction: Typically crafted from steel or aluminium, DSW cartridges provide exceptional strength and reliability.
  • Diverse Applications: Our CO2 cartridges are suitable for various industries and activities, including:
    • Recreational: Paintball guns, air rifles, and inflatables.
    • Culinary: Beverage carbonation and soda makers.
    • Industrial: Pneumatic tools, welding applications, and inert gas purging.
  • DSW cartridges support a wide range of industries and activities.
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    CO2 Cartridges Supplier

    DSW is one of China’s premier CO2 cartridge, beverage CO2 Cylinder manufacturers, and suppliers in the food and beverage industries, providing top-quality cartridges at competitive prices.
    CO2 gas is an invisible, colorless, odorless, or colorless odorless gas at temperatures and normal pressure, with slightly sour-tasting solutions in water. It is widely known to be one of the key greenhouse gases and one of the components of air.

    co2 cartridge sizes

    Capacity 0.6L
    diameter 60mm
    Weight (without valve) 0.66kg
    Height (without valve) 332mm
    Material AA6061
    Inlet thread M18X1.5
    Fill CO2 gas Purity of more than 99.9% food grade Co2,standard:360G
    Packing 1pc/box;10pcs/carton


     8g soda beer chargers
    Co2 Canister for beer dispensers
    Buy 16g non-threaded CO2 canisters for all beer dispensers.
    Our 16g cartridges food grade are filled with 16g of 99.9% pure Co2 and can be used in any beer dispenser or keg that requires a 16g non-threaded Co2 cartridge.

    Co2 Cartridge for Soda Water
    It makes creating fizzy drinks and soda water accessible and is an excellent way to expand your beverage choices.
    We sell food-grade CO2 cartridges at unbeatably low prices for use with soda siphons and SodaStream drink makers!

    Carbon Dioxide Cylinder for Aquarium
    CO2 cylinders provide carbon dioxide (CO2) gas to aquarium plants, helping them grow. As it dissipates into the water, CO2 provides the plants with essential carbon sources to sustain growth.
    DSW carries three Co2 Cylinders for Fish Tank Co2 Systems: 45g, 95g & 500g.

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    What is a CO2 cartridge?

    CO2 Cartridges Suppliers


    CO2 Cartridges Suppliers


    Aluminum cylinders can be refilled with rare, high-purity, calibration, and special gases.
    It is used to be filled and refilled with various kinds of gases, such as rare gases, high purity gases,
    standard gases, and special gases, with a wide range of applications in chemical and electronic,
    medical treatment, gas, and coal mining fields, which is the ideal substitute for the steel cylinder.

    FEATURES of Beverage CO2 cylinders

    Seamless, Light Weight Cylinder (40% Lighter than steel cylinder).
    Easy to handle and transport.
    Corrosion-resistant interior and exterior wall surface.
    No Special Maintenance is required; only require requalification every five years.

    DSW has a range of Co2 Cartridges in stock, ranging from 8g soda beer chargers to 16g threaded and non-threaded cartridges for beer machines and tire inflators up to 500g For aquarium use.