Argon cylinders, Argon bottles

40L Argon Cylinders

ISO9809 10M3 JP Argon gas Cylinders With Cga540 Valve For Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia South America.
Argon Bottles For South America Market.
40l, 47l, 50l, 68l high-pressure seamless argon gas cylinders
40L argon cylinder is a common high-pressure vessel for storing and transporting argon gas. It is by the band bottles, bottle, cylinder valves, and cap four parts.

Argon Bottles, Argon Tanks Supplier in China

ISO9809-1 Argon gas Cylinders supplied by DSW, available in standard 10L, 20L, 40L, 47L, 50L, 68L  Steel Gas Cylinders with Industrial Arogen Gas.
Argon gas Cylinders are designed, manufactured, and inspected according to international standards.

Argon (Ar) is an inert gas that is colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-toxic. With our unrivaled robust infrastructure, we provide unmatched supplies and flexible delivery modes for your compressed argon requirements.

Common Uses for Argon

Carrier gas for chromatography
Sputtering in hard disk production
Protecting against oxidation in viticulture
Ion implantations and plasma etching in semiconductor device fabrication
Creation of a blanket atmosphere in crystal growth
A filling mixture for incandescent lamps, thyratron radio tubes, and phosphorescent tubes
In lasers to repair arteries and correct eye defects
Protective application in iron, steel, and heat treatment

what are a argon cylinder?

The argon gas is heavier than the air and is extracted from the atmosphere using an air separation unit. It is then drawn as a cryogenic fluid.
The gas can be stored in cylinders or liquid form in gas tanks and distributed at low temperatures.
Also known as gas bottles or cylinders, argon tanks are everywhere.

40L Argon cylinders,Argon Bottles, Argon Tanks

Industrial Grade Argon, Size 40 High Pressure Steel Cylinder, CGA-580 Valve

Argon Tank Size Chart

40L Argon cylinders,Argon Bottles, Argon Tanks

40L oxygen gas cylinders,40liter oxygen cylinders

Application: Compressed And Liquid Argon Tanks

DSW offers industrial-grade argon in various CGA connectors and sizes for MIG and TIG welding processes, as well as other applications in lab settings.
We also offer flexible delivery methods that meet any of your argon needs.

Manufacturing & Metal Fabrication
Argon is an essential welding shielding gas that enhances arc stability while preventing atmospheric contamination of welding pools and metal production facilities.
Argon also serves to avoid any oxidation during metal production processes.

Denser than air, argon is used for blanketing wine and flushing oxygen from containers

Fleet-Based Commercial Services
Used in MRO applications, argon is a vital gas for welding automotive parts and plasma arc gouging.
40L Argon cylinders

40L Argon cylinder,Argon Bottles, Argon Tanks

40L Argon cylinders

40L Argon cylinders

40L Argon cylinders

Additional information



Brand Name:

JP brand

Machinery Test Report:


Warranty of core components:

Not Available





Inner Material:


Design Pressure(MPa):


Design Standard:



3 months

Key Selling Points:

High Productivity

After Warranty Servi

Online support

Showroom Location:


Working Pressure:


Outside Diameter:


Place of Origin:

Zhejiang, China

Video outgoing-inspection:


Marketing Type:

Pressure vessel



Volume (m³):


Outer Material:


Max Working Pressure(MPa):

20 MPa

Working Temperature(℃):

-20 – 60 ℃

After-sales Service Provided:

Video technical support

Applicable Industries:

Hotels, Manufacturing Plant, Restaurant, Home Use, Food Shop,

Local Service Location:


Water Capacity:

50L oxygen Cylinder

Test Pressure:

300bar Oxygen Gas Cylinder