40L Acetylene Cylinders

40L acetylene gas cylinder

DSW has Acetylene tanks for Every Need.
The 40L Acetylene Gas Bottles are all Made by high quality seamless steel pipe,
consistent height, smoothly painting,and excellent properties,
which is widely used for steel cutting,
welding, electronic, medical and other fields.

Acetylene Cylinders, Acetylene Bottles- Manufacturer & supplier

DSW is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of ethylene oxide, offering durable steel acetylene cylinders, bottles, and tanks in various sizes to serve multiple industrial uses.

Acetylene cylinders need to be filled with acetylene, which is dissolved in acetone and absorbed by a porous calcium silicate mass. The spongy mass has been designed to prevent decomposition, which could lead to a volatile and hazardous condition if left unattended—store acetylene bottles in a vertical position to avoid unwanted reactions or leaks.

Acetylene gas bottles are commonly used in welding and cutting applications. The gas is highly flammable and produces a high-temperature flame, making it ideal for welding and cutting through metals. Acetylene gas bottles are also used in the production of chemicals and plastics and in the automotive industry for welding and repair work.

It comes in various sizes, ranging from small portable cylinders to larger industrial cylinders.
The most common sizes for portable cylinders are the B (40 cubic feet) and MC (10 cubic feet) sizes, while industrial cylinders can range from 60 cubic feet to over 300 cubic feet.
Choosing the appropriate size cylinder for your specific needs and handling and storing them safely is essential.

40Liter Acetylene Cylinder

Model Number: ISO250-40-3
Water capacity:40L
Valve: QF-15A14
Cylinder Standard: ISO3807:2013
The thickness of seamless:4.0mm
weight of seamless: 39kg
working pressure:3MPa
test pressure: 5.2MPa

Acetylene Tanks Sizes

 Item Unit       Types
Nominal water capacity Liters 40L 60L 25L 12.5L 7.5l 2L
Nominal diameter MM 250 310 235  200  152 108
Wall Thickness MM 4 4 4  3 3 3.2
Height  (mm) MM  1040 1100  800  600  620  310
Cylinder Weight (without acetone) KG 39 51 27 13.5 10.5 3.2
Acetylene Max Filling Weight  KG  6.5 10.8  4.5  2.2  1.3  0.3
Limited filling pressure(15℃) MPa 1.56
Hydraulic test pressure MPa 5.2
Sealing test pressure  MPa 3
Porous mass


Compressive strength  N/nm2 ≥1.8 N/nm2
Porosity  % 90-92%
The axial space  MM ≤2.5
Solvent Acetone
Maximum working temperature  ℃ 40
Valve QF-15 valve or customer request

40Liter Acetylene Gas Cylinder,40L Acetylene Gas Cylinder
40Liter Acetylene Cylinder,acetylene bottles
40Liter Acetylene Cylinder,40L Acetylene Gas Cylinder
DSW has rich experience in developing and sourcing by on-time service in the specification and quantities you require., and its capability of processing various gas cylinders.

40L Acetylene Cylinder

have adopted certifications of ISO by the International Standardization Organization, DOT of America, TC of Canada, TUV of Germany, KGS of Korea, and other certificates.
DSW’s acetylene tanks are thoroughly inspected and tested for leaks before delivery.

40Liter Acetylene Gas Cylinder,40L acetylene bottles
40Liter Acetylene Gas Cylinder,40L acetylene bottles
DSW enjoys a reputation as an industry leader in quality and performance, which helps us sell industry gas cylinders and Cryogenic Tanks worldwide.
40Liter Acetylene Cylinder,40L Acetylene Gas Cylinder