0.6liters N2o gas 99 9 medical nitrous oxide

N2o Gas 99.9% Medical Nitrous Oxide N2O Gas
DSW manufactures nitrous oxide pure gas with up to 99.9999% purity, as well as with 99.5% purity.
We offer a one-stop shop for medical nitrous oxide for physicians, private and family practices, dentists, dermatologists and other specialty medical care practitioners.

Medical Nitrous Oxide

We supply nitrous oxide in various purities and concentrations through storage and transportation in canisters, bottles, tanks, and cylinders from DSW.

Nitrous Oxide Cylinder and Contents

N2O in compressed-gas cylinders exists in liquid and gaseous forms, typically filling to 95% capacity with liquid N2O from its factory. Above this layer lies N2O gas, and at 25deg C (70deg F), approximately 750psig pressure is present within each E and G cylinder.
Model: AL06
Name: medical grade nitrous oxide gas cylinder
Material: seamless aluminum alloy
Gas type: N2O
Color: Silver
Type: N2O gas
Water Capacity: 0.6L
Working Pressure: 150bar
Test Pressure: 225bar
Diameter 60mm
Weight (without valve) 0.66kg
Height (without valve) 332mm

Material AA6061
Inlet thread M18X1.5

Aluminum Alloy Cylinder Specification

medical nitrous oxide
medical nitrous oxide,aluminum alloy cylinder
medical nitrous oxide,aluminum alloy cylinder
medical nitrous oxide,aluminum alloy cylinder

Nitrous Oxide Application

Reduces patient anxiety
Slightly increases pain tolerance
Reduces gagging reflexes
Reduces reaction/patient movement during precise procedures
Allows patients to tolerate more prolonged procedures
Patients are conscious and aware during the process and can communicate normally with medical staff.
Nitrous oxide is safely used in the medical world to reduce pain and calm patients.
The non-toxic remedy is administered in standard dosages and has no long-term effect on the body.
Nitrous oxide is not combustible and is stored in medical-grade gas canisters or tanks. It is safe for both the medical staff and patients.