LNG Booster Skid

Cryogenic pump skids

The LNG mobile liquid lever is suitable for various operations, including:
Handling and transportation of LNG (liquefied natural gas)
Filling LNG into LNG cars and tanks
Refilling and maintenance of LNG dewars or cryogenic containers
Quick and easy deployment of LNG for emergency rescue purposes
High-pressure storage tank filled with LNG
The prying process not only fills the domestic gap but also offers substantial benefits by reducing users’ equipment investments and minimizing BOG (Boil-Off Gas) waste.
DSW also provides top-quality and efficient Cryogenic pump skids to operate using liquefied gasses at cryogenic temperatures, including LNG, LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2 and LN2O.

LNG Booster Skid – Filling Skid-Mounted Equipment

LNG Booster Skid is a module used to boost liquefied natural gas (LNG) by a high-pressure pump into the vaporizer to make it become compressed gas and save it into the tanks or cylinders, then use a CNG dispenser to refuel the vehicle or car.
Fuel gas boosting systems by DSW offer safe, effective solutions in situations where incoming pipeline pressure is lower than desired.
Housed in sturdy, well-designed enclosures for easy maintenance, access and operation, DSW offers pressure LNG booster skids in various sizes/flow rate requirements and can customize a system to meet your specific needs.

Main Feature:

The LNG Double Boost Pump Skid is designed to efficiently dispense LNG at high flow rates, making it ideal for fueling applications.
Efficiency Flowrate: Each pump in the skid can deliver 40 gallons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) per minute (gpm), ensuring quick refuelling.
Safety and Accuracy: It’s reliable, safe, and accurate, meeting industry standards.
Booster systems are configured in front of the inlet dryer in a typical site configuration.
Easy Maintenance: The control system online monitors the temperature and pressure of LNG and gas turbines or engines to prevent overheating, freezing, or overloading.

LNG Booster Skid, boosting pump skids system
boosting pump skids system

1. Application

LNG high-pressure cryogenic pump skids are suitable for LNG automobile filling stations, CNG long tube trailer filling stations, and CNG cylinder filling.

DSW can supply cryogenic pump skids for various applications:

  1. Transfer pump skids
  2. High-pressure pump skids
  3. Pressure-boosting pump skids

With significant economic benefits, the pump dramatically reduces the user’s BOG waste.

  • CNG High-pressure pump skid configuration list
Item name type quantity
LNG high-pressure cryogenic pump skid
1 L-CNG high-pressure cryogenic liquid pump Model: BPLNG -1500/25 Traffic: 1500 L/h Pressure: 25 Mpa 2pcs
2 Low-temperature high pressure valve 1suit
3 Low-temperature high-pressure damper 2suit
4 High-pressure temperature pipe fitting Including high-pressure elbow, high-pressure tee 1suit
5 High-pressure temperature piping and accessories Contains cryogenic tube card 1suit
6 High-pressure pump skid frame, including base and cover 1suit
7 High-pressure pump pried awning 1suit
8 High-pressure pump into the skid Including electrostatic bonding, painting, pressure testing and skid 1suit
9  Skid inner cable, explosion-proof junction box and explosion-proof lighting 1suit
10 PLC frequency conversion control system for high-pressure cryogenic pump 1suit


1. Comparison of advantages(China LNG dispenser  and imported pump)

Comparison of China L-CNG high-pressure cryogenic pump
item Chinese cryogenic pump imported submersible cryogenic  pump cryogenic China pump advantages
1 The inlet pressure is low, about 0.02mpa High inlet pressure, about > 0.3mpa Suitable for an atmospheric storage tank in a liquefaction plant Avoid the dissipation and waste of the BOG storage tank. At the same time, due to the low pump operating pressure, the residual pressure in the tank car is < 0.2mpa after the end of unloading liquid, so there is no need to disperse and reduce the pressure after reloading liquid. According to the calculation of liquid consumption per car/day, the two integrated pumps can save at least 4400 USD/month.
2 It can automatically start high pressure without reducing pressure; the starting pressure is 19~20Mpa, which is safer to use The starting pressure of the pump should be lower than 10Mpa, and the pipe pressure should be lowered from 19Mpa to less than 10Mpa before starting. BOG is wasteful and has safety risks Suitable for L-CNG car filling station After comparing the two kinds of pumps, we found that our pump can save us $2200-3000 per month according to the 10,000 square meters/day of automobile air-adding volume.
3 Small vibration during operation High vibration during operation Suitable for L-CNG car filling station Our pumps are designed to prevent piping leaks and other serious problems due to excessive vibration.
4 The pump’s return air vent is at the pump’s highest-end and generally works when the liquid storage tank is low. The pump’s return air vent is in the middle of the pump. Suitable for low-level storage tank operation When the liquid supply is tight, using our pump can avoid stopping the filling station.
5 The back end of the pump is sealed with a liquid seal + liquid gas seal + gas seal (a combined total of 16 seals), with long service time and no leakage. The pump back end seal is only eight gas seals, has short use time, and often leakage. Suitable for l-cng automobile filling station and continuous operation It can guarantee long-term continuous operation and long-term cryogenic liquid soaking operation.
6 The actual operation efficiency is high, and the output is large The actual operation efficiency is low, and the output is small Suitable for L-CNG car filling station In the peak of fill gas, there are obvious advantages.
7 The transmission box is sealed with an oil cup, no leakage The transmission box is in the form of a ventilation cap, which makes it easy to leak Suitable for L-CNG car filling station Can ensure a long time of continuous operation to avoid oil leakage caused by the transmission box accident.