Ethylene oxide Mixture with CO2 (C2H4O + CO2 )

Ethylene Oxide Mixture with CO2 (C2H4O + CO2 )

EO 80%:CO2 20%
25KG gas filling in 40L cylinder
20kg EO gas 5kg CO2kg
EO purity >=99.99%
CO2 purity >=99.95%Ethylene Oxide (ETO) is a common gas used for low temperature sterilization.

Ethylene oxide Mixture with CO2

The ethylene oxide-carbon dioxide mixture is a colorless gas with an ether-like odor. Carbon dioxide is noncombustible. Ethylene oxide is flammable.
The mixture can asphyxiate by displacement of air. Under prolonged exposure to fire or intense heat, the containers may rupture violently and rocket. It is used as a fumigant.
The second group of fumigants is highly toxic and includes methyl bromide, ethylene oxide, sulfuryl fluoride, phosphine, and hydrogen cyanide.
Ethylene oxide Mixture with CO2 (C2H4O + CO2 )

Sample Name Sterilization gas Ingredient Ethylene oxide, carbon dioxide
Production Date 2018/06/06 Analysis Date 2018/06/06
Cylinder Type 40L cylinder cylinder No. 18R06135
Net Contents 25kg Shelf Life One year
Test Items
Items Result
C2H4O >=99.99%
CO2 >=99.95%

Ethylene oxide Mixture with CO2 (C2H4O + CO2 )

Ethylene oxide (EtO) is a colorless gas at room temperature (b.p. 11degC) proven carcinogenic.
It is highly flammable and poses serious explosion hazards when exposed to flame.
With rust present, autoignition temperatures have been reported as low as 140degC; when compressed with air, it results in an explosion.
Ethylene oxide vapor may initiate explosive decomposition without air.

Ethylene Oxide “Gas” Sterilization. ETO is a colorless gas that is flammable and explosive. The four essential parameters (operational ranges) are gas concentration (450 to 1200 mg/l), temperature (37 to 63°C), relative humidity (40 to 80%)(water molecules carry ETO to reactive sites), and exposure time (1 to 6 hours). It is most commonly mixed with CO2 as sterilization gas and used to sterilize instruments with long lumens, such as endoscopes and all materials that must be fixed but cannot withstand higher temperatures.


Ethylene oxide-based mixtures with carbon dioxide are frequently employed in biomedical settings to disinfect equipment made of single-use plastic for various uses, including hemodialysis, cardiac surgery, autotransfusion, plasmapheresis, and blood filtration.
Ethylene oxide can also effectively defend against microorganisms, spores (five to ten times more potent than regular bacteria), molds and yeasts, and viruses.
The sterilization rate depends on temperature, treatment duration, gas concentration, and humidity levels.

Ethylene oxide and CO2 mixture for Sale

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