ISO tank 99.9%-99.999% industrial nitrous oxide suppliers

industrial nitrous oxide suppliers

Medical Nitrous Oxide N2O Gas Tanks
20000L cylinder 99.9%-99.999% industrial laughing gas ,medical grade nitrous oxide
Food grade Nitrous Oxide is produced by Ammonium Nitrate.It is widely used for hospital applications.
Another common application is Nitro booster in high speed racing cars.
Common purity : 99.9%
Electronic purity : 99.999%

Industrial Nitrous Oxide Suppliers

DSW is a supplier of nitrous dioxide and offers different packaging options for liquid and gas phases.
DSW offers a wide range of container sizes, types, and purity grades to help you meet any nitrous dioxide application.
Nitrous oxide has a wide range of applications in dental and medical practices.
DSW nitrous dioxide is also used in food, industrial and laboratory applications, automotive, semiconductor, and other industries.

industrial nitrous oxide suppliers

nitrous oxide

Gas phase nitrous dioxide is available in a variety of sizes and purities.
The liquid phase nitrous dioxide can be transported in large or small transportable containers.
industrial nitrous oxide suppliers
Tubes Skid Cascade Container

Nitrous oxide may be used as an aerosol propellant in various fields:

– for whipped cream (because it improves the foaming characteristics of the cream), syrups, concentrates of coffee, chocolate, various flavors, sauces for grilled meats, vinaigrette, etc.
– pharmaceutical field
– cosmetics (perfumes, eau de cologne, hair spray, etc.)
– household products, paints and varnishes, insecticides
– aerosols for low temperatures, such as de-icers, engine starting boosters, etc.

Nitrous Oxide Industries and Applications

Medical grade (USP), nitrous dioxide – for dental or medical applications. Available in several gas cylinder sizes.
Nitrous oxide is an oxidizer in cylinders for performance automotive applications and chemical oxidation. Nitrous oxide is also used in industrial refrigeration and leak detection applications.
Nitrous oxide is required for laboratory applications and semiconductor production.
The food-grade nitrous dioxide can be used as a propellant in whipped cream and other foods.

Nitrous oxide production line

The production of nitrous dioxide is based on the thermal decomposition process for ammonium-nitrate. Three production lines are available for the food-grade nitrous dioxide. The total annual output is 4000 tons. In the future, we can increase our production capacity to 20,000 tonnes. The line comprises three components: the gas production device (gas compression device), the gas purification device, and the gas compression device.

Using the PLC control system, we can achieve automatic raw material infusion, temperature control, and flow regulation. To meet national standards, we selected explosion-proof electrical devices such as the solenoid valve, circulating pump, distribution cabinets, and solenoid pumps. We combined an automatic safety chain with manual control to ensure the production process was as safe as possible.

The pipeline transports liquid ammonium Nitrate to the production unit. Look at this pipeline. The ammonium-nitrate pipe transports materials from the storage tank of ammonium-nitrate to the various production units. The automatic filling device automatically fills materials when the consumption of raw materials reaches a specific level during the production process. Follow my steps to see the raw materials storage tank.

Our factory is the only one that uses liquid ammonium as a raw material for food-grade nitrous dioxide. Other manufacturers use industrial tail gas or solid ammonium Nitrate as a natural material. The method of purifying industrial tail gas is not certified for producing food-grade Nitrous oxide.

Nitrous Oxide Plant Manufacturers

The Nitrous Oxide plant from DSW Techno Engineers, which is reliable and cost-effective and maximizes production while reducing energy consumption, is the best Nitrous Oxide plant.
Our plants also have a storage battery assembly to separate the Nitrogen. DSWTechno Engineers is a leading manufacturer of industrial gas plants and related equipment.
Each plant is built by our engineering and fabrication division using the latest technology. This results in highly productive and efficient equipment and plants.