Jumbo Tube Cascade Gas Vessel

Jumbo Tube Cascade

Jumbo Tube Cascade Gas Vessel from China
Close-spinning technology applied, seamless structure.
Large-size structure, fewer valves, tubes and joints.
Easily discharging of residue liquid.
Equipped with branch-tubes and accessories.

CNG Tube Skid- Compressed Natural Gas

CNG Tube Skids are used for transporting large volumes of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to areas where gas piping is scarce.
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Features of high-pressure CNG storage tanks:
1. Close-spinning technology applied, seamless structure, and reliability for safety operation
2. Large-size structure, fewer valves, tubes and joints, and less danger of gas leakage
3. Cleanness in design and structure and less maintenance on site.
4. Easily discharging of residue liquid
5. Equipped with branch-tubes and accessories, accessible for operation and maintenance

6. Lower weight of the whole vehicle, reducing tractor work and investment
7. Add additional gas-filling devices, directly providing natural gas for tractors, and suitable for energy saving and environment protection.
Jumbo Tube Cascade gas vessel

Types of CNG Tube Skids:

Type I: These skids are lightweight and designed with a large volume.
They come in lengths ranging from 10 to 40 feet, accommodating 6 to 16 cylinders.
Type II: Similar to Type I, but with variations in design and specifications.

Large Volume: CNG tube skids can carry substantial quantities of natural gas.
Lightweight: Despite their capacity, these skids are designed to be light.
Safety Certification: DSW’s CNG tube skids conform to ISO or DOT standards and are certified by authoritative institutions worldwide.


20ft CNG Tube Skid:
Tare Weight: 16,900 kg
Working Pressure: 250 bar
Total Water Capacity: 13,032 litres
Full Gas Capacity: 3,955 m³
40ft CNG Tube Skid:
Tare Weight: 24,000 kg
Working Pressure: 250 bar
Total Water Capacity: 19,400 litres
Full Gas Capacity: 5,890 m³

CNG Jumbo Tube Cascade

Supply the typical type of CNG jumbo tube cascade cylinder from 60L to 225L and do the CNG cascade based on your request.