cryogenic tank exporters


DSW offers a complete line of cryogenic liquid tanks for liquid oxygen (LOX), liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid argon (LAR), and fluid carbon dioxide (CO2) services. Depending on design parameters, tanks are produced to store the inner gas at -196 ºC or a lower temperature. The cryogenic storage tanks, pressure vessels, and vaporizers are manufactured in China. It uses CODE 2000, EN 13458, EN 13530, ADR 2009, and ASME Section as a design standards.

The cryogenic liquid tanks consist of two tanks: Outer and inner tanks. The inner tank is made of stainless steel 304L (X5 CrNi 18-10) & design code EN13458, While the outer one is made of CARBON STEEL & design code EN13458. The gap between tanks is filled with Perlite aggregation and superinsulation by vacuum technology. The manufacturing processes of the tanks are as follows: Tanks are produced to store the inner gas at -196 ºC or a lower temperature, depending on different design parameters. LIN, LOX, and LAR cryogenic storage tank capacities range from 300 to 80,000 gallons (50 tons). Vaporizers are also available in capacities – from 700 SCFH (20 Nm3/h) to 35,000 SCFH (1000) Nm3/h per unit. It also supplies Liquid CO2 storage tanks in sizes holding 3 to 50 tons of products.

cryogenic tank exporters


DSW’s liquid distribution systems are tailored to provide liquid cryogens such as liquid nitrogen, liquid natural gas, liquid argon, or oxygen safely and reliably to customers in an effective and timely way.
Cryogenic transport models feature user-friendly designs with standard vent stacks for easy pipe-away connections and mounting schemes that make mounting quick and straightforward, providing efficient serviceability and user convenience.
The structure fits easily within enclosed vans, and liquid level gauges read both in liters and pounds.
Piping components can be replaced without solder joints, and this transport series conforms to DOT 4L specifications.
Plus, its stainless steel front head helps improve welding integrity and appearance, and there’s a regulator on its pressure builder for liquid savings and unattended operation.


Cryogenic Liquid Tanks

Cryogenic Liquid Transportation Tanks are used for storing and transporting gases in liquid form. These Tanks are produced to keep liquid and gas according to the pressure condition requests of the customers.
The inner tank is made out of stainless steel 304L (X5CrNi18-10 AS PER DIN 10028-7 OR EQU) & design code EN 13530 – 2002, while the outer one is made out of CARBON STEEL & design code EN 13530:2002.



DSW offers a complete line of Dura liquid cylinders. The Dura liquid cylinder is designed to transport, store, and deliver oxygen, nitrogen, and argon as a cryogenic liquid or gas. Dura cylinders are vacuum and super-insulated vertical-type liquid cylinders with an in-built vaporizer, which allows storage of cryogenic gases like oxygen, argon, nitrogen, and medical oxygen at a very low temperature ranging From -183 degrees C to -196 degrees c. (Cryogenic Liquid Tanks)
argon diaphragm compressor


DSW offers a complete line of Cryogenic pumps for Oxygen/Nitrogen/Argon liquid from the cryogenic tank, which is compressed to high pressure in a cryogenic liquid pump.
It is then vaporized in an ambient air vaporizer to produce gaseous oxygen/Nitrogen/Argon. The high-pressure gas then can pass into cylinders via the gas manifold or fed into a customer’s product pipeline.

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